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The hypocrisy and nepotism of the Buhari’s administration

Before progressing, let’s remind our selves that Nigeria was the fastest growing economy in Africa and deemed a good place for investments during the GEJ administration. Employment was on the increase and Food was still available and affordable by ordinary citizens! This is not to say that the past administration had it all covered, but no government can be perfect. However, the availability of food,jobs and international image was mostly important and the past administration was doing well in this regard.

President Buhari meeting with Trump.

His admission is that, the Fulani herdsmen that are killing Nigerians are foreigners. According to him the Fulani herdsmen and farmers clash in Nigeria has gone on for years. He further stated in his effort to defend the Much controversial herdsmen killing farmers, or as some mainstream Media choose to portray it! Herdsmen/ farmers clash.

2019 presidential election,how will you vote?

Nigerians must stand up to be counted in the up coming 2019 presidential election. To confront the biggest enemy of the country, the citizens must engage and be proactive, so that these old breed and wicked politicians, can be stopped. This should be the primary responsibility of every well meaning citizen of the country. Get your voters card, stop complaining, for this is the time to take action. Stop the APC and PDP from their selfish interests and years of nothingness for the ordinary Nigerians!

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