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  News reaching us today,is that the the Arewa youths, intends to announce that they are going to withdraw the much publicized and illegal quit notice that they issued to some igbo residents of the northern states. This might just be a case of glorification of the opinions of individuals, who posses no knowledge of legal processes, but seeking importance.

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Source: Politics The state of the nation Hope for restructuring, dashed! The Nigerian senate have finally put an end to the hopes of those that thought anything could still be salvaged from what is left of the Nigerian project. Many had hoped that the possibility of restructuring may end the tension from the different part of the country. But that

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Think Piece

My thoughts Now that the law makers in Nigeria have rejected restructuring,devolution of powers to states and regional autonomy. What is now the position of those that have clamoured for the unity of the country on the basis of restructuring. Many more had high hopes that Nigeria 🇳🇬 would work if restructured. Others held that,restructuring was the last hope for safeguarding

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