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Hope for restructuring, dashed!

The Nigerian senate have finally put an end to the hopes of those that thought anything could still be salvaged from what is left of the Nigerian project.

Many had hoped that the possibility of restructuring may end the tension from the different part of the country. But that have been dealt a great blow by the recent stance of the Nigerian senate, they have shown their lack of connection to the interest of the public and the nation.

They have simply fulfilled the prophecy of the IPOB leader, who suggested that “he has no faith in them and their willingness to change the status quo”.

The current structure of Nigeria can only be described as limiting, yet the law makers are keen on keeping the system that allows them to loot and to live beyond their means while the rest of the country’s population suffer.

The Biafran agitation to secede, aroused the debate about the unity and direction of the country. Some had rejected secessionist Biafra, sighting restructuring as the way forward for the Nigerian project. One thing that everyone across board have in agreement is that Nigeria is not working and the overall mood in the country is negatively tensed and resentment to the ruling class that is corrupt beyond words.

Since the current administration of President Mohamad Buhari under the umbrella of APC political party. The country’s progress in almost all sectors have halted and ethnic tensions are at its highest since 1967. Most Nigerians had thought that the law makers would be sensitive to the general mood in the country, but unfortunately, the senate seem to be more concerned of the impact of restructuring to themselves than the public.

Restructuring would mean reducing the power at the center, devolving powers and more autonomy to the regions and allow more resource for states and regions. This would mean that the center would have less power and influence. It is no surprise that the senate is not willing to relinquish some of its powers and influence, because it will mean less funds available to loot from the center.

Another school of thought is that restructuring would not favour most of the Northern states because, funding for most northern states are from the south of the country. Though the funding for the northern states are from the south, the north however gets a lion share of federal allocations.

The north has more local governments which means more senators than any other part of the country hence it will be practically difficult the pass any bill in the senate to this regard.

Many rejected division of the country, hoping that restructuring and devolution would happen, but it is yet to be seen what their position will be following the rejection of restructuring by the highest law-making body of the country.

Nigeria is at a cross roads and as the saying goes in Nigeria “only God can save Nigeria” but God may be reluctant to get involved in the issues of Nigeria if Nigerians themselves are not ready to take proactive action to save their future and that of their future generations.

to be continued……

photo credit (Nigeria senate website)

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