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Where is the unity that the president is talking about?

Are Nigerians united? It appears that “Nigerians ” are divided along ethnic lines. The igbo’s are accusing the current government of nepotism. They are also accusing him of being at the centre of an anti igbo government! The Hausas appears to be defending the current president because he is one of their own. The Yorubas, being part of the coalition

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When a country is lying to itself!

  “The unity of Nigeria is none negotiable” Is there truly unity of purpose in Nigeria? There have always been killings of the southerners, especially south easterners In the north.Eigther for their faith as christians or for flemzy reason like urinating near a musque etc.That does not sound like the experience of a united country. The southwest also categorises every

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Federal government seeking to re-arrest IPOB Leader?

    Why is the federal government of Nigeria, blowing hot about Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB while members of AREWA youth coalition are still not arrested? The current government of Nigeria seems to be rather more concerned about the repercussions of its bad governance then making positive efforts to offer good governance. The quest for self-determination, is a legal, internationally

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Southeast governors are to be blamed for infrastructure deficiant in the southeast Region?

  The so called political elites of the igbo speaking states should take some blames on the state of infrastructures in the region. The south east since the end of the carismatic and ambitious governor of Imo state,Sam Onunaka Mbakwe have not had any governor in the region like him. It will only do justice to the above said, if

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President Buhari back from England and working from home!

  The presidency asks,what is the force about? Well, Nigeria is now a democracy allegedly and that is what the force is all about. The Nigerian politicians should be made to understand that in a democracy, the electorates (citizens) are the employer, while the President and his ministers are the Employees! This means that the employer,as a matter of fact,

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Mr president’s speech, designed to intimidate the Igbo’s?

PRESIDENT MUHAMADU BUHARI’S NATIONAL BROADCAST TO NIGERIANS AFTER OVER 100 DAYS OF MEDICAL TRIP TO ENGLAND   PRESIDENTIAL BROADCAST HIGHLIGHTS; I was distressed by comments, especially on social media. Social media comments have crossed our national red lines. Nigeria’s unity is none negotiable Every Nigerian has the right to live anywhere Mr president used his speach to thank Nigerians for

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WHY ARE NIGERIAN’S NOT ENTITLED TO KNOW THE STATE OF THEIR PRESIDENTS HEALTH ? Nigerians, what is happening, where is your president. I thought what you have in Nigeria is a democracy. How is it that you guys have been robbed of your right to know, in broad daylight and you all remain silent. All over the world 🌎, leaders understand

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Where is “Ohanaeze indi Igbo”?

Where is the controversial “Ohanaeze Indi Igbo” have they responded to the senates stance on restructuring! What is the position of Ohanaeze indi Igbo, now that the restructuring upon which their stance against the agitation of Biafra was based have been killed in the senate. Their only option of salvaging what may have been left of the unity of the

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