At this point, one may be tempted to assume that, the rest of Nigerians would have to seek permission, from those in the north to get a go ahead nudge before taking any action or actions. It’s now about the northerners,what the northerners wants and what they allow everyone else to do. If it’s not what they want, then nobody else stands a chance!

The Igbos’ must learn that the reason they get threats from the north and some times from the southwest of the country, is because of their investments in these regions. No other ethnicity in Nigeria goes about investing in places that they are viewed as foreigners.

Nigeria is a country of diverse ethnic groups,which also works along ethnic lines. knowing not to commit too much investments in other regions is a lesson that the igbo’s must learn. by trying not to tie your selves in such a way that you may find it difficult to untangle.

Nigeria have not attained nationhood, so it is a disadvantage for any ethnic group to ignore these facts and to be acting as if you are in a nation. What the northern and southwestern regions are doing is to use investments by the igbo’s in their regions as a bargaining chip. “we will destroy and take from you all that you have built over the years in our land if you dare challenge the way we run the country!

It’s time those of the southeast have a rethink and change their strategies. It might be difficult to ask the rest of the Igbo nation, to sacrifice their future for the material acquisition of a few. The destiny and future of a people, should be seen as bigger than individual material acquisition and personal successes should never be allowed to be used as a bargaining chip for the igbo’s to drop their demand for firness and justice.

During this interview, the interviewer asked if verbal condemnation was enough for the ultimatum issued by the AREWA YOUTHS. In his response, he stated that he thinks that it was enough reprimand for their action, he however further stated that he believed that the (AREWA YOUTHS) would be arrested. it’s now over a month down the line, the Nigeria media is treating the declaration of the AREWA YOUTHS as a legitimate action while the same media constantly reminds Nigerians about how Nnamdi Kanu is violating court orders.

The vibrant and action-packed law enforcement agencies of the country,appear to have lost their MOJO and exuberance on maters of this magnitude. One may be tempted to assume that it’s because the perpetrators in this instance are northerners. it is worth mentioning also that the AREWA YOUTHS, at the point of this barbaric and treasonable threats, dared the law enforcement agency in the country to try arresting them and the threat is still holding till date,as no arrests have been made so far.

The question is, why should Nnamdi Kanu be incarcerated for 18 months, for demanding for a referendum, to allow his people the opportunity to decide whether they still want to be a part of the project Nigeria or to go their separate ways. A demand that is perfectly legitimate, legal and within their fundamental human rights.

Some school of thoughts suggests that, the reason the northerners are rejecting restructuring is because,restructuring will end nepotism and the undue privileges that is currently accorded to northerners by the government in the center.

Listen to the video interview and you will you may understand why Nigeria in its current form may not be sustained for longer. In all these, the southwest is still not mentioned by the north and the northerners are not worried about the southwest. It appears that the north treats the southwest as a step son. It seems that the northerners knows how to appease the southwest region.

Political and ministerial positions to them as it seems and they will sing your back up line. So, this tussle is between the north and the east, could it be reasonable to suggest that because the west is just after what to eat, that they will always align with the winner of the two.

Video credit : channels tv

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