How do you solve a problem like Nigeria


The issues in Nigeria is huge as stated,it is believed that Nigeria needs divine intervention ,whatever that means.

Nigeria have governed itself for up to 60 years since independent, from the British colonial masters. The northerners have held the office of the presidency for more than 80% of the 60 years.

In these 60 years, the north still remained undeveloped. Also,the level of illiteracy in the north in comperism to the rest of the country is  un-imaginable. What has happened during this 60 years is that the northern ruling class have immersed so much wealth for themselves and family by looting the country.

They have shared the resources of the country among themselves. More than 70% of the oil wells in the Niger delta is owned by a northerner. A larger percentage of the total federal allocations, goes to the north.

It is still the northerners that have held all the powerful positions in the country and still do till date. It has become difficult, for those politicians from the north to relinquish all these benefits that they have enjoyed and controlled for over 5 decades.

Any attempt to take it off them will be followed with threats upon threats. After the death of president yara dua, constitutionally, in Nigeria, it is expected that the Vice President would take over the presidency. But the northerners did not want that to happen, they insisted that GEJ, the then vise president should handover to a northerner.

When that failed, they tried persuading him not to contest for another tenure, to allow a northerner to take over. When he failed to adhere to their requests, the northerners threatened that “if he did not do as told that they would make Nigeria ungovernable for him”.

This threat manifested in the form of boko haram and most Nigerians have forgotten about these insidents because Nigeria lacks good press and journalism. A large number of Nigerians do not read but spread rumours as news under the headline ” They say”.

Today Nigeria is because a disgrace to human civilisation. A country with no visible plan for tomorrow let alone the future. All we hear in Nigeria is who will rule, instead of how to transform the country so that it could be habitable for its inhabitants.

Since 1967 till date the igbo’s have not produced the president in Nigeria. The eastern Nigeria,who’s infrastructures were destroyed by the Nigerian army with British supplied weapons between 1967 to 1970,have not seen any federal investments for 57 years.

As a result the easterners have decided that they need to go their separate ways by secession living Nigeria for good and some northerners and southwesterners are heard to be saying that the unity of Nigeria is not negotiable, isn’t that laughable!

A woman that you have rapped for 57 years suddenly realises that she has no future with you and decides to leave and you are saying that her destiny and future must be decided by you because it’s to your benefit that she stays, so you could continue to rape her.

Nigeria has no future for anyone in its current structure. Restructuring Nigeria is the only option left and that also have been rejected by the north dominated senate.

could Nigeria ‘the North’ stop the igbo’s from leaving Nigeria to decide their own destiny! Stay tuned for the next episode……….


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