The killings in Ozubulu Anambra state

Breaking News alert: A SAD DAY IN ANMBRA STATE

Gun men today,kills many in a church service in Anmbra state;

Unidentified gun men storms, St Philips catholic church in Ozubulu today Sunday the 6th of August 2017 in Ekwusigo LGA of Anambra state, killing many worshipers during a Sunday service.

Death toll is yet to be confirmed according to the information reaching our news desk. just as promised, it has been confirmed that this incident had claimed the life’s of 11 innocent worshipers and unconfirmed numbers have been injured.

It was gathered that this incident was as a result of drug dealing that went wrong,between two indigence of the town living in South Africa.

The gun men had come looking for the family members of a 36 year old “billionaire drug baron”,it was alleged that he had trespassed into the drug selling territory of his towns man in south Africa. As a result this shooting is believed to be a way of getting back at the 36 year old trespasser. But unfortunately,the innocent have also paid with their life’s for what they know nothing about.  of  to .Stay with us for more details as we get it.

Evident has it that the church where this incident took place was also built by the the drug baron, whom the killers were after. The drug barons father is said to be among the victims that were killed.

The question that might not go away anytime soon is that the said church was built with drug money. How could this happen,how could the catholic church get its self involved in this mess. The local community may have to re-evaluate their value standard and the who they accept money from. churches in Nigeria have over the years become a hiding place for men of the under world.

The value system that was once held in IGBO land has been eroded by money mentality. it used to be that when a man comes home with money, he would be asked what his job was,what he did to get money! These days no body asks, people are encouraged these days with chief-tansy  titles. These particular incident might be a wake up call for people to again begin to ask questions as to what people do for a living that gives them so much money sometimes.

The father have paid with his life for not asking the son what he did for a living,or that he knew but chose to ignore it. To make matters worst it appears that the state governor of Anambra state is some how affiliated to the said drug baron as they are both clearly seen on posters around the area and that the governor had commissioned a few projects that was paid for by the drug baron.

according to reports reaching our news desks, it appear that a few arrests have been made by the law enforcement agency of the state. but whether or not the people arrested are part of the perpetrators is not clear at the point of this report.


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