Having followed south African parliamentary debates over the years, something significant caught my attention. The increasing number of brave young people that are challenging the status quo, with the intention to take their country back from the fat cow’s.

When you listing to their parliamentary debate, you would find it interesting because you can see intelligent young minds challenging those they see as corrupt, looters,thieves, that are stealing directly from government coffers with impunity. These individuals are challenged objectively,with no fear of reprisals. This lead me to believe that the youths of Nigeria,who are indeed a lost generation,would find it right to learn from the trend in south Africa.

I have never watched Nigeria law makers with interest because there is nothing interesting about what they say apart from continuing with the status quo, businesses as usual. The only one time that I paid attention was one Senator from the south-eastern Region exposing the PMB 2017 budget and how much was added for catering services etc. There no young people representatives. What we have in Nigeria is political God fathers, spending their loots to push people into positions to continue their loot while not in office.

With no regrets, it must be said that people of the south-western region of Nigeria are the reason that corruption at government level will be difficult to change. They are playing what some described as smart politics. To them, it does not matter who gets into power for as long as they are on board!! This has been the case as far back as Awolowo’s time.

While the easterners want Nigeria to change to allow progress, development in all the regions of the Federation, those of the southwest are more interested in personal gains, as such are willing to partner with whoever promises them their involvement in governance. This may sound hash but check the history of Nigerian politics since 1967.

I need to stop here, but I need you to watch the video clip, so you can see that if Nigeria is going to move forward as one people, then fundamental changes needs to happen otherwise there will be no hope for the one Nigeria as some suggest. Watching this video humbled me, knowing that Nigeria can do better with right minded youths taking over from these expired men and women in Nigerian politics.

The youths of Nigeria may not see reason to vote young people into office, because all they have always seen are old men wearing Babariga cloths as politicians. The idea of electing youths might be difficult to push both to the youths themselves. Those that thrive under the none existence of sanity and functional system will most definitely fight back. The youths must move to form a party if these changes are to happen. Not waiting for a God father to finance them into office and buy their conscience.

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