Where is “Ohanaeze indi Igbo”?

Where is the controversial “Ohanaeze Indi Igbo” have they responded to the senates stance on restructuring!

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What is the position of Ohanaeze indi Igbo, now that the restructuring upon which their stance against the agitation of Biafra was based have been killed in the senate. Their only option of salvaging what may have been left of the unity of the Nigeria project is now considered dead 💀.

Could it be that the “Ohanaeze indi igbo” still have expectations that the said restructuring which was killed and buried by the Nigerian senate would resurrect on the third day?

Is it not time for them to go back to the people, whom they claim to be “Ohanaeze for” and inform them of their new strategy for achieving equality for indi Igbo in the Nigerian project, since the issue of restructuring is no more on the table.

Why have they suddenly gone silent on this very serious matter. Those agitating for Biafra never trusted Ohanaeze nor this government to deliver on the issues of restructuring.

Restructuring means less power and control by the federal government. The northern regions are very worried about restructuring. Restructuring will not favour the northern region because the current structure allows the north too much control at federal level. The northern states are the major beneficiaries of the federal allocations as such they will do all it takes to keep Nigeria that way.

The north also control most strategic positions of power in the country for which restructuring will permanently alter these privileges.

Is it not absurd how the north that wants Nigeria 🇳🇬 united,does not want a fairer Nigeria, but one that they control and bully everyone else.

The so called Ohanaeze that are more concerned 😳 about lining their pockets then understanding the price that igbo’s are paying per capita in the current Nigeria.

The said group should come out now and address the igbo nation as regards to their position in the aftermath of the death and burial of the much publicised restructuring.

Drop your comments, like and share with others, lets talk though on this matter that will ultimately determine the future of this project called Nigeria!!!

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