Image may contain: 1 personNigerians, what is happening, where is your president. I thought what you have in Nigeria is a democracy. How is it that you guys have been robbed of your right to know, in broad daylight and you all remain silent.

All over the world 🌎, leaders understand that they are elected to serve the electorate. They owe their population an explanation when things aren’t right and that is including their state of health. As a president, you are a public figure and you owe the country an explanation of your every step. At least that is what happens in a democracy!

But in Nigeria, the president have been sick and have lived in a foreign country for over three months “for medical treatment” without telling Nigerians, tax payers,paying his medical bills what the nature of his illness is. Alongside that, Nigeria is also paying for Mr president to park his presidential jet in London for the same amount of time.

The politicians in Nigeria are taking the entire population for a ride. Nigerians are mute were they are expected to act and take action. But overly active in matters that is not supposed to be their business.

The question is, is Nigeria now having an autocratic ruling body? Why do the APC led government treat the entire citizens like slaves.Well, may be that is what Nigerians deserves.

While Nigerians are busy expanding their energy on Nnamdi Kanu and the Biafrans, who have decided to be proactive in finding a lasting solutions to their problem. The Nigerian politicians are busy taking them for a ride and robbing them of their fundamental rights and they are mute and helpless. suffering and smiling have become the other of the day for the citizens of the Nigerian project, as stated by Fela Anikulagbo many years back also during PMB’s military regime as head of state!

Isn’t that a shame, that the youths of the North,southwest and south south put together can not fight the Nigerian politicians the way they are fighting people of the southeastern states.

Their actions and war mongering about the proactive nature of the Igbo’s is said to be due to envy and jealousy of a people who refuses to settle for mediocrity. A people that majority refuses to sell their birthright at any price and are willing to suffer than compromise who they are not minding the cost!

The universal saying that, when a person is pushed to a corner and left with no choice that he/she fights back. But when Nigerians are pushed to the corner left with no choice they will break the wall and run away!

In the Nigerian project, it is impossible for one tribe to take power and sustain power without the support of one out of the three “major tribes”. So the Igbo’s and the Hausa are arch rivals and the Yoruba’s have taken to the Hausa’s as their partner in the Nigerian project and the igbo’s seem to have lost their trust for the Yoruba’s.  Hence their only option is to go it alone!!

Let’s hear from you, what do you think, your comments and opinions are very welcome

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