President Buhari back from England and working from home!


The presidency asks,what is the force about?

Well, Nigeria is now a democracy allegedly and that is what the force is all about. The Nigerian politicians should be made to understand that in a democracy, the electorates (citizens) are the employer, while the President and his ministers are the Employees!

This means that the employer,as a matter of fact, needs to know everything that president and his ministers are doing as long as it does not jeopardize the national security! This is inclusive of their health status and other private matters. Because a public citizen have no private life until you are no more a public servant. In fact hiding your health status and other related matters could be construed  as deception.

The earlier they (The politicians) come to grasp with that the better it is for everyone. I think in the next election, there must be a presidential debate for the presidential aspirants. To accord the electorates the opportunity to ask the presidential candidates about their understanding of democracy among other things, to avoid a repeat of not knowing what these force is all about.

It appears, that these politicians are finding it difficult, to leave their military command and control ideology behind them to face the reality of a democracy

video credit: YouTube

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