Federal government seeking to re-arrest IPOB Leader?



Why is the federal government of Nigeria, blowing hot about Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB while members of AREWA youth coalition are still not arrested?

The current government of Nigeria seems to be rather more concerned about the repercussions of its bad governance then making positive efforts to offer good governance.

The quest for self-determination, is a legal, internationally recognised and contained in the UN charter. it is the right of every indigenous people to seek for their freedom by none violence means.

The IPOB are not bearing arms, not interrupting daily lives or free movement of goods and services around the country. All they are demanding for is to be granted a referendum that will determine whether that part of country continues to exist in Nigeria. They are aggrieved that their interests are not represented in the Nigeria project, hence the agitation for self-determination.

Nigeria as a country is lying to itself, by not wanting to address the core issues that is coursing its stake holders to drift apart and Nigeria is as a result, dying a slow but sure death

The current administration has been accused of killing hundreds of IPOB members, whom obviously were not bearing arms, but simply rallying for support of their people to join their cause. These killings of innocent citizens still hunt’s Nigeria’s human right image internationally. unfortunately, the current administration is not concerned about Nigeria’s perceived image internationally, otherwise, it will seek dialogue and national discourse to solving the issues of national unity. Instead of the hash tone of kill and crush that this government is known for.

Isn’t it funny that in Nigeria, the issues of national unity are said to be none negotiable and must be as the government of the day imposes it on the people. In Britain for example, the UK government keeps using dialogue and power devolution incentives, to keep Scotland part of the United Kingdom. Most Nigeria’s are not aware that Britain has four country’s that merged as the United Kingdom, namely; Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland. Very like the situation you have in Nigeria.

But unlike the Buhari’s APC lead government, the Central UK government could not be imagined to be make such statements like “The unity of UK is none Negotiable” it is only in a country, where the citizens are looked down on, can such demining, derogatory and threatening statements be made by its leadership. Civilized Governments do not make threats to its citizens, they just get on with the issues of governance which is what they have been elected to do.

If a section of “a country” feels disenfranchised and demands for redress, it is the duty of the government of the day to dialogue and make concessions, at the least, meet the people halfway or state a process to assure the people that the government is committed to equality. Not to threaten them by reminding them of how they were killed in the past and how you may kill them again.

How can you possibly insinuate, that the unity of Nigeria is none negotiable, at the same time you reject restructuring and devolution of powers?

One thing this current administration most understand is that the ideology of a Biafran sovereign state, will outlive any sitting president of Nigeria. It will continue to hunt Nigeria until there is equal justice or Biafra is actualised. The government has a duty to address the root course, otherwise Nigerians will wake up one day to the actualisation of Biafran state.

The federal government should show leadership and do the job they have been elected to do. Nigeria is in dire need of infrastructure development that must be spread all over the country to the benefit of all Nigerians. The law makers should stop the struggle of how to allocate more and more money to themselves and talk sensibly about issues of national development that will cut across the length and breadth of the country.

The none negotiation of Nigeria unity, should not be because some cabals are worried of losing their undue oil well allocations and the others are worried about the allocations they get from the North controlled central government. The federal government must explain to the people of the southeast what they mean by the unity of Nigeria is none negotiable.

Is it that the APC lead government was to continue with the policy of using the wealth of the “5% that did not vote for them to feed the 97% that voted for them?

Threatening IPOB and its leader will not add value to the country, neither will it bring Nigeria to its lost international status of the immediate past government. since this government took over power, the country has been on the downward trend and still declining, so it now or never for Nigeria.

Before the government will talk about the arrest of the IPOB leader, it must firstly arrest all the members of the AREWA group that made the threats to the Igbo’s in the north. Since the government is still talking about a country that its unity is none negotiable.

Their actions, amount to treasonable offences and must be dealt with accordingly. After the government must have done that, then this government would have shown that it is doing all that it can, to curb the issue of nepotism that has engulfed this administration.

You cannot arrest IPOB leader while the AREWA youths are still freely moving about, congregating and getting mainstream media attention in Nigeria. Remember they also made a declaration in which they dared any one to arrest them. That would affirm the Nepotism that has formed a cloud over this government.

This government must as a matter of urgency seek intelligent advice on how to run a country like Nigeria, because 2017 is not the same as 1967.

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