When a country is lying to itself!


“The unity of Nigeria is none negotiable”

Is there truly unity of purpose in Nigeria?

There have always been killings of the southerners, especially south easterners In the north.Eigther for their faith as christians or for flemzy reason like urinating near a musque etc.That does not sound like the experience of a united country.

The southwest also categorises every other ethnicity as Igbos and treat them alike with the excluding the Hausas.

If you live in the Northern Nigeria you are a visitor and treated alike, you are constantly reminded of that in every dispute. The same is the case all over the country.

The southwest Region is getting on wellwith the Northerners at the moment for political positions and continued federal infrastructure allocation. As such they have shown their unwavering support for the north controlled administration of president Buhari’s government, regardless of the injustices to other ethnic groups.

That is not in any shape or form the case in a united country,you should be concerned that other parts of the country should be benefiting too. Does that sound like a united country.

The Igbo’s on the other hand see the Hausas as their enemy number one and the Yoruba’s as saboteurs. These does not sound anything like a country that is united to me. Infact Nigeria as a country is too far away from a united country.

Nigerians like living in a state of denial, Nigeria is not united and will never be, unless all the stake holders come together and decide the conditions and the basis of their co-existence

The only people that assumes that the country is united are the looters of public funds and those that are hoping to join the looting team. They are afraid of restructuring because it will affect their looting conditions and livelihood.

This is understood by all Nigerians, unless those that are currently benefiting at the expense of others and have chosen to support the cheating of other ethnicity’s

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