Where is the unity that the president is talking about?

Are Nigerians united?

It appears that “Nigerians ” are divided along ethnic lines. The igbo’s are accusing the current government of nepotism. They are also accusing him of being at the centre of an anti igbo government!

The Hausas appears to be defending the current president because he is one of their own.

The Yorubas, being part of the coalition and “beneficiaries of it,are also in support of the government”a coalition of Hausa and Yoruba government.

The issue now Nigeria is that of gross disunity and hate along ethnic lines in the country.

Now the question is, either the government is out of touch with the reality in the country or that it knows but chose to ignore it.

How can people that hate each other so much be forced to live together? Which unity is the government talking about, when it says that “The unity of Nigeria is none negotiable”?

The only way forward for Nigeria is restructuring,those opposed to it are the true enemies of the country. They have put personal gains over the of the whole country.

All those that turn blind eye to the suffering of their fellow countrymen,because they are benefiting from this government are also the real enemies of the country. They must also be named and shamed!

Nigeria in summary, is not a united country, its not a nation by definition and it may never attain nationhood. For without nationhood the proclaimed artificial unity does not exist.

Restructure Nigeria now or the idea of Nigeria as a United country will die a natural death!

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