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Politics   Having followed south African parliamentary debates over the years, something significant caught my attention. The increasing number of brave young people that are challenging the status quo, with the intention to take their country back from the fat cow’s. When you listing to their parliamentary debate, you would find it interesting because you can see intelligent young minds

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The killings in Ozubulu Anambra state

Breaking News alert: A SAD DAY IN ANMBRA STATE Gun men today,kills many in a church service in Anmbra state; Unidentified gun men storms, St Philips catholic church in Ozubulu today Sunday the 6th of August 2017 in Ekwusigo LGA of Anambra state, killing many worshipers during a Sunday service. Death toll is yet to be confirmed according to the

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How do you solve a problem like Nigeria

  The issues in Nigeria is huge as stated,it is believed that Nigeria needs divine intervention ,whatever that means. Nigeria have governed itself for up to 60 years since independent, from the British colonial masters. The northerners have held the office of the presidency for more than 80% of the 60 years. In these 60 years, the north still remained

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