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Some Nigerians allegedly protesting against US position on IPOB HORIED proscription by FG

This is a most read. Click the link for full story

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Have your say and get paid for your opinion!!

This is an opportunity to win some recharge cards worth five thousand Naira each,for 5 people with the best answers for these questions below; What do you really think about the current situations in Nigeria? Could you tell other Nigerians about two achievements of Buhari’s government that have changed your your life positively? What Is your take on President Buhari’s

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Shouldn’t Nigerian soldiers be trained better?

 An example for the Nigerian military on how to respond to civil activities!   This an Indian army officer being beating by a young lady on the street while onlookers watch; In Nigeria, she would be shot in the first instance, but if she is lucky to be alive the Nigerian president would deploy his military dancers for some sort

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The Nigerian state and the faith of the Igbo people!

These are not the people to lead the igbos to the promise land!!! For those that may not be inclined to understand what is going on in Nigeria under the leadership of Muhammadu Buhari, especially in the south East. Those of You in this category are probably better described as the sleeping population. You do not understand the basic principles

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Nigerian president, showing double standard?

The president of Nigeria gave a speech yesterday at the 72 sessions of the UN The theme is focusing on people striving for peace and decent live for all The president talked about the faith and freedom of the Palestinians, the blockades as well as the none implementation of all the security council resolutions since 1960 about the freedom and

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Buhari must send his pythons back to the bush! The two face of a president.

  The president and the commander in chief, of the armed forces of the federal republic of Nigeria, recently sent his army in all its full might to intimidate, terrorise and to kill unarmed civilians in the south-Eastern Region of Nigeria, the habitation area of the Indigenous people of Biafra The killings of these unarmed igbo youths, the intimidation that

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