Supreme court in Kenya invalidates Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election

Kenya presidential election annulled, the first of its kind in the history of Africa



The decision was reached on the 29/08/2017 but announced today the 1st of September 2017

Below are the ground for the decision;

  1. The issues that were considered in the decision of the annulment whether the 2017 presidential election was conducted in accordance with the principals laid down in the constitutions and the law relating to election
  2. whether there were irregularities and illegalities committed in the conduct of the 2017 presidential elections
  3. If there were irregularities and illegalities what was their impact on the integrity of the elections
  4. what consequential orders declarations and relives should the court grant if any


Mr Uhuru says he personally disagree with the courts decisions, but that he respects the decision in as much he disagrees with it.

It is expected that another election would be held within 60 days in accordance with Kenya election Law.

Stay with us for this and more African news.


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