Why are Nigerians in Nigeria not taking proactive action to save their future?

FFK states his position on the Presidents 5minutes speach


Is it not astounding that all over the southwest and some northern part of Nigeria, some Nigerians are still of the view that this government has got anything to offer. A government that have established its commitment to discriminate against some ethnic and religious segment of the country. A government that have divided Nigerians between 95% and 5% and promised to use the wealth of the 5% for the 95% that voted for him.

Some are wondering why the unity of the country is at all time low or why hate and recentment between ethnic groups is on the increase. The reason would be traced to root foundational structure of the current administration. The original intention of this government may not have been fully manifested. some suggest that if APC succeeds in another presidential ellection then will Nigeria eperience hardship at its best.

Most Nigerians, appear to be the most difficult people to educate, even in the 21-century, considering the availability of information’s through various mediums. The country is degenerating, dying a slow but sure death and if the public are not enlightened enough to see that, then the future for Nigeria is easily predictable. How can anyone justify the reason most people in some specific parts of the country still thinks that this government that have divided the country beyond words is fit for purpose.

I think it is fair to say that Nigerians deserve what they are getting from the government of the day. In any civilised country, the current administration would have been ousted by public demand. But in Nigeria the people are so backward and so out of touch with reality.

Listen to FFK’s position and counter it if you have an opposing view. follow us for more objective,undiluted perspective diverse issues in the Nigerian politics.

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