The federal government of Nigeria,vows to deal with “fake news and hate speech”on social media!

The question that needs to be asked this, is Nigerian civilised enough to be unbiased in defining what it describes as “fake news & hate speech”. Or is it going to be a case of silencing those with opposing views to the current administration.

Some already believe that it is a move to silence the voice of the oppositions of the current administration. What constitutes fake news and hate speech in these governments context?

The current administration has had a fair share of social media attack because of its policies and choice of governance. Nigeria, under the current administration is more divided than any time since independence. Since the inception of the APC Buhari lead administration Nigeria has lost most of its international rating standard. The country has dropped from the fastest growing econoy in Africa to the worst in Africa.

The economy is in shambles, people are hungry, no jobs for the youths, life expectancy is taken a downward dive, nothing is working in the system and there is no obvious strategy in place by the government of the day to solve the problems in the country. All these means that people are bound to take actions, for some to survive and to others to air their views on a readily available and less expensive platforms.

Under the current administration nepotism is at all-time high, favouritism is being redefined and re-introduced into government institution in Nigeria. Fulani herdsmen are killing with impunity and the federal government is quiet and pretend as though its not happening. These barbaric killings of the innocent, in their towns villages and homes did not get the attention of the current government enough to issue threats,but opposing views and voices on the social media platform has.

Nigerians must not forget that, Mr president, in the early days of his administration stated that his political reality is not to treat those that voted for him,the same as those that did not! He also talked about 95% and 5% a phrase that is commonly used in the country today. Those are the positions that he took which has driven the country to the point of braking up!

It could be argued that this administration set the under tonne that has giving birth to the current situation in the country.  Ethnic tensions is at all time high and like never withnessed in the history of Nigeria, this has also been demonstrated in the political and ministrial appointments made by the president.

Most Nigerians especially those of the southeast are not heading any of the many important positions in the country which underscores the act of marginalisation on the part of this Buhari lead government.

All these feuds the tribal hate, ethnic tensions, hate speeches that is currently being witnessed in the country are not a coincidence. It’s all happening due to the tonne set by the government, the people are just responding to it and social media serves as a channel for them to exhaust their angers.

Is it not amazing that this government is quick to respond and take actions to boost its image by quelling people that criticize its actions? But too slow to respond to the needs of most Nigerians.

If only this government can invest more time and energy as it does with fighting opposing voices, may be Nigerians would have a functional healthcare, good road infrastructures and instead of raising the standard of education this government is lowering it to benefit children from the north that are not as educationally inclined as those of the south.

This is not governance by all ramufications, its making the mess of the countries educational system. In 10 – 15 years from now the country would be known to produce dummy graduates that will have nothing to offer. What is the future for those that will be going through this type of education system in Nigeria. Their faiths are already sealed that they might not even be useful to any employer talk less of competing with the rest of the world.

In talking about clamping down on fake news and hate speech, we hope the government’s intention is not to silence its oppositions and critics under the guise of fake news and hate speech.

What constitutes fake news and hate speech in Nigeria, what is the national redlines? can this administration explain this to Nigerians.

To be continued……

Video credit Channels TV

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