What has happened to the democracy in Nigeria,is it still a democracy, or a dictatorship?

The video below is a live recording of the road block by the IPOB members as alleged by the Nigerian military. When lies becames the order of the day in a country then the country is doomed!


Judging by the events taking place in the country, it appears though, that the democracy that was hard fought for, has evaporated into the tin air under the current APC government.

The Nigeria of today is no longer as it was during the immediate past government, it is one that freedom of speech is no longer allowed. Freedom of association is now a crime and the military have taking over the primary responsibility of the peace keeping (police) force. Intimidation by the diverse law enforcement agencies in the land is on the rise.

The Nigerian military have chosen the habitations of civilians and the public as their choice location for experimentation of their diverse snake species dances. The so-called operation python dance and the rest of it, laughable!

 Nigeria as a country is still battling with the Islamic fundamentalist Boko haram in the northern part of the country which is where the military should go to practice their dance, but no. Their choice of location is the rural areas of Eastern Nigeria, to bully and intimidate armless people that are simply going about their normal everyday life by extorting money from road users and intimidating a peaceful IPOB group that are agitating for their freedom, which is by the way their fundamental human rights. it is importand the mention that they are a none arms bearing group and not interfering with the movement of goods and services.

It obvious, that these people (military/police) believe that Nigerians are so stupid to the extent that they are not able to tell what happened even by watching a video. That sums up the thinking of this government, Nigerians are so uneducated and brain dead that they can be fooled at will.

Do you blame the politicians, certainly not? Nigerians deserve the leadership that they get, if they chose to vote against a man that allowed them peace of mind, freedom of speech and the rest of it and vote for Buhari APC. Then they must all stop complaining and enjoy the meal they ordered.

The unfortunate thing about it, is that the bad situation is also affecting those that chose not to vote for APC because they saw what was coming. Nigeria with so much educated people yet are been governed by the uneducated, isn’t that a shame.

Nigerians, especially those of them that voted Nigeria into this mess, must be allowed to suffer the penalties for their actions so that if they ever get the opportunity to cast their vote again, the suffering of today will still be fresh in their hearts and minds that they may as a result make the right choice. They must learn that if they continue to sell their future for a bowl of porridge, they must also be ready to suffer for the consequences.

The incident that took place in Ibeku Umuahia, the village of the IPOB leader as captured on a life video was nothing but a planned provocative strategy by the military with the expectation that the group will respond with arms so that they will have reason to invade them. The constant killings of the south easterners by the Nigerian military is become one too many.

It is without doubt clear that the military spokesperson in the interview conducted by the channel tv have no idea of what happened or that he is deliberately lying to the public on a national television. For the benefit of our readers we have included the live video of this incident and the video interview of the military spokesman so that the people around the world will see for themselves and make their own judgements

Nigeria is slowly but surely disintegrating, if the current trends continues, then it will not be long before Nigeria as it’s known will disappear. It is high time the south eastern political elites stood up to be counted! For those that voted out the GEJ administration, I am sure that most will be wishing they never did.

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