What is Nigeria turned into,why is Nigeria as a country regressing? 

The Nigerian Army and their show of force to the civilian population in Abia state the south east of Nigeria

A country where the government uses the military show of strength to intimidate its rural population. The Nigerian military appear to have employed “terrorist like strategy” to bring fear to a segment of the country. We had a representative of the Nigerian army yesterday on channels TV defend the activities of the military in Umuahia in Abia state.

But the live videos that was taking during the incident shows that it was an intentional act intimidation on the side of the Nigerian military. Their actions were indefensible unjustifiable and un-necessary, given the situation in the country. The military should understand that in these days of social media, they may need to up their game.

They cannot be saying one thing while the video evidence of the said incidents suggests the opposite. It is therefore possible that the intended motive for the internal show by the military is still not known. Why are the Nigerian army not sensitive to the heightened tension in the country in general and more specifically the distrust of the south easterners to the current administration and law enforcement agencies in Nigeria.

 It appears though that the unity that is being preached by the government will be attained by force and intimidation,

Let’s look at the channels tv presenters that conducting this interview; You could see the none neutrality on their parts in finding the truth or interviewing with the intent get facts and allow the person interviewed to educate the public on that specific scenario. They were constantly on defending the actions of the military instead of being educated by a legal practitioner. It is indeed very sad that a country has degenerated to these, below is the part 1 of the interview listen to it and make your minds up;

Why are these Journalists so to say, not able to first ask the questions regarding why are the military deployed to a civilian population for show of force?  it’s an indication, that they themselves lack complete idea of what the military represent in a country and as such are not qualified or have not received enough training to this regard. In the west and other civilised countries, they allocate journalists trained to specific areas for their knowledge to conduct interviews to find facts.

These guys were simply defending the Nigerian military or acting as their spokes persons! Even if the military were right in their actions, these so-called journalists should still be unbiased in their quest to fact findings. They have given the reason for people to assume that because they are not talking in the interest of the Igbo’s, for which they are both not! This is what happens with this level of biasness or under representation of a people in setting segments of the country.

Nigerians expect the military to go back to their designated military barracks or go to the north and engage the Terrorist group gboko haram. it is even sickening, to listen to these guys as journalists. I will expect their employers to send them for trainings because their knowledge of the profession could be described as elementary and so basic.

How are can these be allowed to happen in the 21 century Nigeria, these guys are merely exercising their fundamental human rights without bearing arms.  It is legal by all ramifications and they are entitled to it. It is sad that this APC lead government is bent on destroying whatever peace that existed in the Nigerian project. These soldiers have no right or business to be in that area. it is not a war zone, they should only come in if the police invite them and asked them to come in and help.

It is with deep sadness that i submit that Nigeria as its known may not survive this present unslught.

After the first interview were the military representative stated that it was the IPOB members that blocked the road to prevent the Army from passing by. but a new video has emmerged again today showing the military in the same area intimidating locals.

This is definitely not how a peace loving government would resolve internal issues. This is capable of igniting brakedown of law and other. These are armless people, how could a sensible government take this type of actions as a sultion to solving problems. They can deny their actions for as much as they want,but the videos suggests the opposite.

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