Why are the military not after the AREWA youths?


The AREWA youths, committed treasonable offences, for making threats that violates the Nigerian constitution. They also dared the Nigerian law enforcement agencies to arrest them and truth to their words, neither the Nigerian police nor the military have been able to arrest them. Isn’t that ironic though, that the Nigerian military dancers, did not see reasons to go dancing their python lyrics at the door steps of the AREWA northern youths.

The questions that needs to be asked about the actions of the so called AREWA youths are many. But let’s just ask a few;

  1. Why is the president that is known for using the “crushing” terminology, not using the same for the actions of the HAUSA AREWA youth, as they are called?
  2. Why is he and the presidency mute when the northerners, crosses his so called “national red lines” whatever that means have not been explained!
  3. Why does he not take any form of visible actions when his own people are involved in the perpetration of barbaric and abominable acts. This president by his policies, actions and inactions has brought so much hate in the land. Such that has never been experienced for over four decades.

The president says nothing and takes no crushing and killing actions when The Fulani herdsmen were going around communities in the southeast killing and committing barbaric acts that lead to loss of life’s and properties. It is helpful to remind Nigerians that Fulani herdsmen kill with AK47’s raffles, which they are visibly seen toting. Has the army invaded them? The answer is no, have they gone to intimidate or dance the laughable oppression python dance, the answer is also no.

But they have the audacity to go down to the Igbo speaking states where civilians are exercising their fundamental human rights unarmed just to intimidate, instil fear and kill them for daring to exercise their fundamental human rights for self-determination.

Some Nigerians are making repulsive comments online praising the military for killing the Igbo’s, while others are happy by these act of terrorism and intimidation being perpetrated by the Nigerian military on the Igbo ethnic group. It does not take much to see that the Hausas are using the might of the Nigerian military to subdue the only rivalries that they have in the project Nigeria

This is happening under the while the entire political elites of the south-east watch in silence as the northern soldiers kill their youths, defile their land and destroy properties. The northern youths are on the other hand, are going about their normal businesses without any hindrances, despite their despicable threats and utterances which amounts to treasonable felony. This same political elites in due course will come out to ask for votes from those that may be spared alive from the Buhari’s northern soldiers.


Why then should the APC lead government of Buhari ignore the atrocities being committed by his northern brothers that are visibly armed. while he is quick to send the Nigerian military, who are by the way, funded by the resources from the southern region of the country to kill them.

If you are of the view that the actions of the military in the south-eastern Regions are justified or necessary, it’s worth reminding you that the AREWA youths are still at large and going about their normal life. The idea to send the military to the south east of Nigeria whether pre-planned or not clearly amounts to intimidation, terrorism and breach of the fundamental human rights of the Igbo’s.

Why are the media not holding Mr president accountable for the discriminating nature of his government which is visible for all to see? The country is suffering the hateful tonne that the president has emitted since he was elected into office.

The Igbo elders must stand up to be counted, they must tell Buhari to withdraw his troops from the streets of all the Igbo states back to their barracks or to Sambisa forest where the security of life’s and property of Nigerians are put at risk by Islamic fundamentalists! There are no Islamic fundamentalist or herdsmen that originates from the eastern regions of Nigeria.

Despite the barbaric killings by the gboko haram in the north east and the killings by the Fulani herdsmen which should be of primary concern to them. The Nigerian army are instead sent to the south east to intimidate the civilian populations as if they are a conquered people. The politicians of the south east are busy fighting for the opportunity to loot, while the military have invaded their communities in the south east and killing their youths and the actual perpetrators of violence the AREWA youths in the north are left to flourish.


How can a president talk about hate speech and crossing national red lines when in fact, his policies and actions bear the hallmark of hate, discrimination and nepotism? The killings the people of the south-east regions of Nigeria is nothing new to this president and it appears to be one that he takes pride on. From the early days of his government he declared his intent and willingness to crush life’s in the south-eastern region while his brothers in the north continue to enjoy his protection regardless of their actions.

This same president in a different interview stated that they were looking for credible gboko haram hierarchy’s that they can negotiate with. But in the above video he was quick to confirm that he will not invite armless civilians for talks since he is such unifying and peace-loving leader!



In the above video, Mr president is certainly interested in negotiating with boko haram, a terrorist organisation but not with civilians in the south-eastern Nigeria simply demanding for their fundamental human rights. How could any right-thinking person possibly believe this government in all their rhetoric and threats about hate speeches while its busy promoting hatred in the country by its adopted policies of discrimination and nepotism.

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