Nigerian president, showing double standard?

The president of Nigeria gave a speech yesterday at the 72 sessions of the UN

The theme is focusing on people striving for peace and decent live for all


The president talked about the faith and freedom of the Palestinians, the blockades as well as the none implementation of all the security council resolutions since 1960 about the freedom and the sufferings of the Palestinians people and there delayed right to statehood that are still not implemented. He called on the UN not be derailed by new conflicts to forget about the old conflicts, he urged the United Nations to leave up to its responsibility in dealing with human rights abuses.

Pay attention to how the president describes Nigeria, as his country “My country” and remeber, in his five minute national broadcast,after his return from london, he refered to Nigerians as “My citizens”.

He referred to the Myanmar Rohingya crises, which he described as a state backed programme of brutal depopulation of the ethnic Rohingya’s based on ethnicity and religion.

He used the genocide in Bosnia in 1995 and Rwanda in 1994 as reference to the current events of at the Myanmar.

The president’s speech writer, forgot to include all the crises and human rights abuses that is currently going on in the Nigerian state. The ethnic cleansing and marginalisation of the Igbo’s which is no different from the reference made by the president of the events in Myanmar.

The barbaric act of killings by the Fulani herdsmen, which they unleashed on the Igbo’s and their neighbours based on their ethnicity and religion.

He did not draw the attention of the United Nations, to the human right abuses by the Nigerian army which still on going in the south-eastern Region of Nigeria. The undemocratic and unconstitutional deployment of the army against innocent and unarmed Igbo youths who were simply exercising their fundamental human rights of indigenous people, as provided by the UN!

Why should the president sound hypocritical, after ordering his Hausa Fulani army to unconstitutionally murder Indigenous people?

While he is asking the United Nations to hold Israel accountable for the sufferings of the Palestinians (Muslims) and Rohingya’s who are also (Muslims)

Could this be a confirmation of all finger pointing about the president’s preferential treatments for Muslims or his hate for Christians, make of it what you can, but it appears that the facts are stacking up against this president and his treatment and actions against None Muslims in Nigeria. His government is dominated by muslims,The entire leadership of his army are dominated by muslims and he does not shy away on his preferentail treatments for muslim groups.

Silent on the killings by the Fulani herdsmen and mute about the actions of the AREWA youths and no actions against all the religious motivated killings in the northern Nigeria!

The speech lacks substance and direction.

The president lacked the ability in his speech to tell the wold what his mission as the current president of Nigeria is. Amidst all that is happening in Nigeria today, the president could not use the world platform giving to him to sell the country to attract interest or draw the world attention to the country’s that are aiding corruption in Nigeria. corruption being the only thing that is talked about in Nigeria today, the president could not even sell his own idea.

This is the irony of having so much educated people but still being lead by the uneducated!

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