Shouldn’t Nigerian soldiers be trained better?

 An example for the Nigerian military on how to respond to civil activities!


This an Indian army officer being beating by a young lady on the street while onlookers watch;

In Nigeria, she would be shot in the first instance, but if she is lucky to be alive the Nigerian president would deploy his military dancers for some sort of python/crocodile dance. After which they will proscribe her as a terrorist lady, because by the current Nigerian government’s definition stone throwing is a characteristics of a terrorist organisation, laughable

And for you the very uneducated Nigerian who are suffering and smiling, please compare the activities of your gallantry soldiers so called in the south east of Nigeria and their behaviour with the well-trained soldier in this video who showed tremendous self-control and professionalism.

Nigeria is making its self a laughing stock before the whole world and the uneducated population are hailing its activities, describing  their killings of unarmed civilians as gallantry.

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