The Nigerian state and the faith of the Igbo people!

These are not the people to lead the igbos to the promise land!!!

imo governors

For those that may not be inclined to understand what is going on in Nigeria under the leadership of Muhammadu Buhari, especially in the south East. Those of You in this category are probably better described as the sleeping population. You do not understand the basic principles of not been able to change anything unless you are in place of power and authority or represented in the place of authority. Nigeria is a country of multi-ethnic nationalities and interests, but the current president is bent on making sure that his ethnic group is more represented and dominant more than the rest.

The igbo’s from the East!



A strategy that he has demonstrated with his appointments, all the powerful and decision-making positions he has given to his northern brothers. He has made sure that every seat of power and influence is given to the northerners. All the armed forces, air force, including customs, Road safety and immigration are controlled by Hausas.

While the Igbo people love their shops, businesses and food more than their future, due to little or no education about the importance of being represented in places that the decision of their future are made. How can you progress in a country like Nigeria when other ethnicities are making decisions and laws in their favour and against you!

Whenever a call to partake in matters that would give them relevance in the Nigerian setting, most of them find it difficult to partake because they are not educated enough to understand the implications of not partaking and observing such calls. Those that are currently, representing them in some quarters of government are bunch of selfish individuals who are rather for themselves then for the interests of the Igbo’s, call it inanity or absolute ignorance, whichever suits you!

The northerners currently, control almost all corridors of powers in Nigeria, with what is left handed to the southwest to appease and keep them happy so they could continue to give the northerners the vote and support that is needed to continue their dominance in all areas of powers in Nigeria.

The same have been the case since 1967, before most of all those agitating for self-determination in Igbo land were born. Till today, the status quo remained the same. If you are an Igbo man and choose not to partake when the call to sit at home is made then you will have yourself to blame, do not just say it’s not your business, because it is. It’s only stupid to think that it doesn’t affect you because it will. The Igbo’s all over the country needs to buy into any none violence show of force organised to remind Nigeria of them as Igbo’s.

The essence of it is to hold back your contributions to show the rest of Nigeria that if you go, that life the way they know it will never be the same, make them feel your presence. It’s peaceful and harmless but it sends a very strong statement out. So please educated or not join the next call, one-day seat at home will not prevent you from becoming a millionaire, but it can change the course of your destiny in the bigger picture!

If power is taken away from the Hausa Fulani’s for one day, the next day they will start lamenting that it should be given back to them otherwise ” They will make Nigeria ungovernable”. The Hausa’s will stop at nothing to make sure that they continue to hold power in Nigeria. Any suggestion to change that all hell will let loose and they will threaten to destabilize the country. An obvious example is the circumstances for which boko haram came to be.

In almost all the south-eastern states, the police commissioner’s, if not Hausas, then the Yoruba’s, does it mean that the Igbo’s are not intelligent enough to police their own states at all levels or is it a strategy to hold them hostage with arms and ammunition to stop them from demanding for their rights?

Do you also know that all those involved in the planning of the illegal show of force that is been used to terrorise and intimidate the south easterners had no Igbo at the planning stage, had there been an Igbo representative he / she would reject the strategy that is designed to intimidate, terrorise, control and instil fear in that region?

The Igbo’s may continue living as a conquered people in the Nigerian, until they decide that enough is enough, not by violence, but by putting forward, a unified and sustained strategic solutions, to collectively demand for their rights by means of negotiated equality in Nigeria or by the option of autonomy. If for more than 50 years, you have been asking for inclusion into the decision-making corridors of the Nigerian state and the doors have consistently been slammed against you, then it’s time to take proactive actions and stop hoping and praying because it’s never going to happen.

If you continue to listen, to the irresponsible and selfish governors in the 5 eastern states. Then you may have to wait for a life time. These politicians and their children are sorted, they are living well with their children. They own houses in the most expensive locations in Abuja and Lagos. They own holiday homes in London, America and Dubai.

Why then do you expect them to join your call for self-determination or change in your situations. They are not there for the interests of the Igbo people. They are there for themselves and their family. Remember their children are schooling abroad and most of them have gained dual citizenship because of the of their parent’s investments in those countries.

So, they will never feel your pain, they will never understand how you get treated on daily basis neither do they understand the challenges of young and upcoming Igbo’s in a country that discriminates against them. Their children will not have to go through the same discrimination in the education and job market system as you all do on daily basis Let it be clear to you that you are nobody in Nigeria until an Igbo man has a strong voice in all the security and decision-making positions in Nigeria.

These strategy to side line the Igbo’s did not start today it’s a work in progress and it will continue to get worse. It will be so because the north is obsessed about the Igbo’s because of their natural abilities which no one can do anything about not even the Igbo’s themselves. Amudu Bello said during an interview by a BBC journalist, when he was asked why the northerners are obsessed about the Igbo’s, in response he said, ” the Igbo’s are a type of people, that if you hire them as labourers in a labour camp within a few years they will emerge as leaders of those camps and impose themselves on others”

So, the obsession is that of envy of the natural gifts of the Igbo people. So, for this reason the northerners are scared that at any slightest opportunity that the Igbo’s would be great and the rest of them may have to serve! Do not be deterred by the killings of your people. Press on none violently, choose to stay at home strategy if necessary to minimise the barbaric killings of your people and more importantly, do not imitate them to shade any human blood, because it’s not in your nature to do so and it’s also not your objective. But every Igbo family must join the course to liberate the Igbo’s once and for all

The right to Self-determination is your legal right, so do not give up on it, they are in control of the weapons bought with your collective wealth and they are using it to kill your people but that is the sacrifice you must make to archive your objectives. Remain peaceful but resolute in the pursuit of your freedom. God bless you all.

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