Buhari’s double standards

IMG_4114How is it that in over 24 months of Buhari’s presidency, not for once, has he condemned the killings by the Fulani herdsmen. Not for once has he asked them to stop the killings or even bothered with ordering his dancing soldiers to go after them and their Fulani sponsors.

How come he has not condemned the AREWA youths, for committing treasonable offences.

For those of you that are supporting the actions of this president because you are not yet directly affected by his killings of innocent citizens and the intimidation of oppositions.

You most all remember that the precedence has been set, so it might be you or your loved ones next! No nation can ever be sustained when one section is rejoicing over the killing of the others. It’s only a matter of time before there will be that trigger incidents that will end the existence of the amalgamation!

The continued emphasis on the unity of Nigeria,which in- fact is nonexistent is only an effort by the Hausa Fulani to maintain resource control.

Nigeria is only a floating country, with no direction nor destination.



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