The Romance of Fulani herdsmen with Buhari’s government and his hatred for Igbo’s and IPOB

What is the relationship between Fulani herdsmen and the Buhari’s government?

Why hasn’t the president condemned their actions. Who gave them the licenses to carry AK47 rifles. This terrorist group, is allegedly enjoying presidential treatment under Buhari’s government.

The president took an oath of office to as the president of Nigeria, not to be president to the north and Hausa Fulani. This president could be in serious breach of the said Nigerian constitution!



Fulani herdsmen are known to the international community and have been ranked as the 4th most dangerous terrorist group in the world!

But in Nigeria the same group are having a love affair with Buhari’s government and they are enjoying preferential treatment by president Buhari! In all their acts of barbaric killings up and down the country, PMB never for once considered it wise to condemn their acts let alone send his dancing soldiers to go dance for them.

what a double standard by the Buhari’s government and the northern politicians who in fact believe that Fulani herdsmen are just ordinary criminal gangs. Considering that this is group is known to the international community as a dangerous terrorist group.

There is no doubt that this Buhari’s government has a hidden agenda, especially as the Igbo’s are the only opposition that stands against his alleged Islamisation agenda in Nigeria, he will stop at nothing to archive his goals. But unfortunately for him he is dealing with the only people in Nigeria that is still 95% Christians and formidable.

The questions that the Buhari’s supporters must ask themselves are these;

  • Why has Buhari not condemned the killings by the Fulani herdsmen?
  • Why are the northerners finding it difficult to condemn Fulani herdsmen?
  • Why is Buhari’s government not naming a group that have been proscribed by the international community as the fourth most dangerous terrorist group in the world.
  • Why should the Buhari’s and the entire north be very quick to call a none violent group a terrorist group, for agitating for self-determination while they are in a love affair with a recognised terrorist group!

Why is the Buhari’s government so worried about IPOB and obsessed about the Igbo’s?


It has been alleged that president Buhari’s history of hatred for the Igbo’s has remained a cloud over his life and presidency that his every action are being scrutinised due to his history. Some are of the views that Buhari is strongly involved in a larger plan to the Islamisation of Nigeria.

This objective would not happen without first getting read of the Igbo’s be any means possible. Some alleged that the insistent on policies that could continue to allow the north and Muslim domination of the sit of power in Nigeria and the exclusion of the Igbo’s in the corridors of power is the fastest way of archiving the said objective.

why the Igbo’s some may ask, the Igbo are the only ethnicity in the project Nigeria geographical location that is over 95% Christians. It is the only ethnicity with no Islamic influence and footings. The Igbo are also very strong, determined and stubborn people to intimidate.

No surprise the Buhari’s administration have employed the Nigerian military might to terrorise and intimidation the population to subdue them with fear. How can a president under who’s watch there has been division and hatred in the country like never choose to proscribe a none violent group as a terrorist organisation and refuses to recognise the world 4th most dangerous terrorist group as terrorist for reasons him alone can explain?

How could a man of be the president of a “nations “country like Nigeria?

Unfortunately for the president as he should be aware, the Igbo’s are tough nuts to crack and he might need to kill the entire Igbo youths to achieve his life time dream to Islamise Nigeria.

Under his watch the Fulani herdsmen men killed, maimed, rapped and terrorised communities up and down the country and the president and his government said nothing! Isn’t that hypocrisy of the highest order?

These process of Islamisation of Nigeria has already happened in the southwest, the southwest is already over 50-60% Muslim population and most of the politicians in the southwest are Muslims. Leaving the Igbo’s as the only threat to the said agenda.

Why are they opposing the restructuring of Nigeria and suggesting that every agitation to be through National Assembly? You cannot get anything through the National Assembly even the Yoruba’s and the Igbo’s were to merge because they have successfully created more states and local governments in the north more than southwest and southeast put together.

This means that their representatives already outnumber the Igbo’s and the Yoruba’s put together on any vote! So, nothing can go through in favour of the southern states put together.

Nigerians must all wakeup to reality before it’s too late. The Igbo politicians of today are after their pockets as such they lack the capacity to represent the collective Igbo interests. They all needs to be voted out of office and replaced if the Igbo’s are to make any collective progress!

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