Some Nigerians allegedly protesting against US position on IPOB HORIED proscription by FG


The problem that I have with most Nigerians is the level of ignorance that they exhibit, especially in issues about Nigeria and their own future.

Now has Buhari agreed to restructuring? The answer is no, so what are you doing to see that the said Devolution of powers/ restructuring is attained.

Devolution of powers by restructuring is as good as Biafra,because it’s about the regional autonomy and development. This means that the igbo’s will develop their place at their own pace. Not to be held back to the pace of other regions and states that were created to divert  more federal allocations to the north  in the name of one Nigeria!

According to some Nigerians secession is equals to war and their dictionary secession means war, but I bet if you get somebody to read the dictionary definition of secession to them, I bet most of them would wish they never made such comments on social media because it’s attached to them for life and they  definitely would not like their children to read those uneducated comments.

The simple way to judge the future of any country is by the quality of its human capital. Put Nigeria into that context and the answer will be devastating.

It’s not rocket science, it’s about looking at those that will potentially hold offices, to be decision makers and leaders and compare them with the rest of the world 🌎 and that equals your answer.

That’s why for 57 years Nigeria has remained stagnant and regressed under the present government.

Take a look at Dubai and what it has become in less than 30 years. Take a look at Rwanda 🇷🇼 in 1994 that country was brought to the ground 23 years later the same country has supposed Nigeria in all ramifications.

All you are hear them  shouting in Nigeria is IPOB this IPOB that. But I say to them, the right to self determination is a legitimate right of any indigenous people. But because the Nigerian population reason from their backwardly they have not bothered to research to enlighten them selves.

Suffering and smiling is the best way the long gone musician and activist  Fela Anikulapo described Nigerians.

In Spain yesterday, the flag of The Catalonia people hoisted their flags and had their referendum.

Also in far away Iraq 🇮🇶 the Kurds also held their own referendums hoisting their own indigenous flags and we did not hear the same story of army going their to do show of force and dance crocodile dance, laughable!

If only it was possible to open people’s heads and plant 21 century brains into it, believe me I will do because because most Nigerians are so backward in their reasoning that it will take God to help to explain simple things to them.

My prayer for most of you guys is that God will bring people in your life’s that will teach you guys critical thinking so that you all can harness the power thereof!!

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