Nigeria at 57,a nation in the making or a mare geographical expression?

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@ 57,a failed state,or what……………?

After 57 years of independence, stake holders of the Nigeria experiment are still struggling to understand what the project is about. Nigeria has remained a country with no unity and absolute no sense of direction. Basic amenities are none existence, from healthcare to education, electricity, road infrastructures, water supply, housing and not to mention security.

Leadership is non-existent, while hate and disunity Among all stake holders is currently at all-time high. Nigeria during the last administration of GEJ was internationally proclaimed to be the continents fastest growing economy. That administration had the best heads that the country had on offer from top to bottom,well educated and internationally recognised professionals. These bunch,though they were not all perfect but they were stirring the country towards success.

If all the above mentioned is true, why then did a government that was doing so well loose election to some uneducated politicians. Some of which are still not able to provide their secondary school qualifications. This was down to the problem of the Nigerian experiment. Even though the government was doing well for the entire country, there were still some politicians and ethnic groups that had highlighted specific positions that they needed which the president at the time rejected.

These lead to the alliance between the north and the southwest and the plot to bring down the government. The current president before the formation of the alliance had tried up to three times to be president but failed woefully! Since the current government came to office Nigerians lost the freedom of speach and freedom of expression they enjoyed under the past administration, hunger has increased the country has deeped into rescission, cost of all essential commodities has sky rocketed. Security is non-existent, disunity and hate is multiplied, nepotism has increased beyond words and the country is divided in such a way that has never been experienced in its history.

The north and the southwest who are benefiting from this government are particularly in support of the government while the south east whom the president made clear from his first day in office that he will not treat thesame as those that voted for him and this has been reflected in his appointments are fed up and lost all confidence in the project and have decided to quit the project completely.

summarily, Nigeria is alleged to be sitting on gun powder waiting to explode and the current government is bent on igniting the fire. An irrational and impatient government, who prefers intimidation harassment and killing of innocent citizens as its best option to resolution of internal issues.

While ordering the intimidation,harrasment and killings of those that oppose his government. The same government appear to be aliegning with Fulani herdsmen, a deadly terrorist organisation and the world fouth most dengeriouse for that matter.The buhari’s government have not for once, condemed the actions of the fulani herdsmen nor order them to be arrasted! He also never made a national address to sympatherzie with communities in the country he claims to be president for all and promise them protection from the federal government. This president have not bothered to visit the victimes of the fulani herdsmen,remember this president is a fulani man,its not difficult to figure out the reason he chooses to turn a blind eye when its his brothers commiting the terror.

Moving away from the acts of the current administration which will arguably go down as the worst in the history of Nigeria. Looking at the human capital, Nigeria is not investing in its human capital, what this means is that Nigeria has a population that is spiralling out of hand and over seventy percent of that population, is untrained, uneducated, unproductive and unemployeble. With that high level of knowledge defisiency in the population, it is easy to predict what the future of the country is likely to be. Of what use can untrained and uneducated population be to an undeveloped country like Nigeria in 21 century global village.

The northerners are bent on holding unto a system of governance that allows them to keep control of the natural resources,power and governance,which is the direction they are stiring the country towards. As such Nigeria have no future plan as a country,R & D is none existance,likewise any devlopmental strategy that will drive the country into a viable country in the 21 century. But come to think of it,what do you expect from a country that is governed by bunch of uneducated and uncivilised recycled old men,whose idea of governance is derived from the dark days of military rule.

Amudu bello quote

That is the only reason, the hausa fulani’s are objecting to restructuring the country and devolution of powers, because regional resource controls will end their hold on the oil and gas sector, which is the funding artery of the country. They will also loose the federal fundings for some unproductive states created in the north that are not self sustainable, these states and Local governments were created for the purposes of directing more fundings to the north as well as having more representation in the national assembly which anebles them to pass all that benefits the north and to oppose any bill that will restore equity and fairness.

Would you proudly raise Nigerian flag on this day of the so called “independent”, if you did, what would be your reasons? It is difficult to see how anyone could be happy with the current situation in Nigeria, nor fathom how people are able to suppress their consciences, to deny the barbarism that is going on in Nigeria and align themselves to the said celebration of nothingness!

Some ethnicities rejoicing over the killings of other ethnic groups in the same country and the president says the unity of the country is none negotiable? As if he is living in denial of the existing reality. Make of it what you can, the Buhari administration have not helped matters in Nigeria and make no mistakes, should this type of Buhari’s governance continues, Nigeria will disintegrate and gone in a flash! After 57 years of independent, Nigeria has nothing to show as what it has achieved as it celebrates 57 years of independent,so shameful.

It will be an injustice to talk about Nigeria independent without first mentioning the names of those that forth for its independent!


are considered founders of Nigeria. The troika of Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe, and Ahmadu Bello negotiated Nigeria’s independence from Britain, aided by such figures as Chieftess Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti.


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