Hell let loose in Ugandan parliament


Democracy African style

It is alleged that in an audacious effort for the current president of Uganda to be eligible for another term in office, he is trying to change the law which otherwise would not allow him to stand for president after his current term in office.

The president would be 75 years of age by the time the next election is due and by Ugandan law he would have been over the age limit. This move was to avoid that from happening. However, those in opposition are not buying the idea, as such the hell was let loose in the parliament.

Leaders of African countries, must be made to understand that leading a country is not by force neither should it be a do or die affair. If after over 30 years in office, the president have not managed to mentor younger people of his party to contest for his position,then he has simply failed and should in fact resign. The interest of the country and it citizens should always be superior to of a few greedy politicians.

To be continued………..

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