Defending Nigeria against available evidence!

This is why it is said that Nigerians are mare noise makers. You make all the noise in the world but to make a point is your biggest problem. I do strongly believe that this is not as result of hatred for Nigerians or the current administration. It is just the obvious truth on ground and its that the people of Nigeria can sell their human conscience for a few thousands Naira. How dare this young man be bold enough to say he is married to an igbo woman and still deny these killings are happening. It is anyone’s guess that he may also be in denial of the killings by Fulani herdsmen.  

Could someone have paid this young man to deny that blood runs through his vains? I mean how could this have happened, how could a Nigerian deny the brutality,killings and intimidations of this current government on its political oppositions as well as those that oppose his government.

Is killings by the army and other law enforcement egencies really happening in Nigeria?

When a country have gotten to the stage that the deaths of follow citizens can be denied in this manner as demonstrated by the Nigerian on this video then everyone should get worried because no matter the side you are on, you would not be spared in the bigger picture

A foreigner is educating the so called educated Nigerian about the situations in Nigeria and he is in denial and to add salt to injuries he described himself as a Christian. He forgot that the case of Nigerians saying they are Christians means nothing in the west!

How can you defend against available evidence, it’s available everywhere you look.  Isn’t this painful to watch?


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