The crown of nepotism in Nigeria


The Buhari APC lead government ran a campaign on platform of anti corruption that was the party’s theme. It was soled and some Nigerians bought into it,especially those of the southwest and northern part of Nigeria. It appears that those that voted for them voted on that promise of fighting corruption,whatever that means!

However,it appears though that the fight against corruption had been a tool to silence every possible oppositions,demonise them and takeaway every possible funds that may be available for them to challenge the Ruling party.

Some political commentators have alleged that the president corruption fight is very discriminatory. It’s perfumed when it’s the presidents close friends and party members but over emphasised even while it’s an unproven allegations against the president oppositions and those with different views to the president.

This government have consistently been accused of nepotism, an allegations that the president supporters and party would like to deny. But every evidences on ground suggests that the level of nepotism in the present government is enormous and not quantifiable. The presidents response and body language when those of his tribe and ethnic groups commits crimes or does wrongs suggest how biased the president is and he also made this clear from day one of his presidency. He is a man that have been accused of being involved in the ill treatment of none Muslim and Nigerians of other ethnic origins.

An example of these are that despite the barbaric killings up and down the country this president have not at any point condemned the actions of Fulani herdsmen. It is also on record that this president was against the fight against boko haram terrorist group. He was once quoted by a national newspaper when he said “The fight against boko haram is a fight against the north” and many more. He has also been accused of spear heading the plan to islamacise Nigeria and he has also been accused of hating the igbos.

The southeastern Nigerians have espressd their displeasure at the appointments of this president which have sidelined that part of the country. It is clear that there is no igbo man or woman for that matter in the government of Buhari that will consider the interest of the igbo nation at the top levels of government.

Now the NNPC had kachukwu as the head,however with one year of his appointment he was sidelined,made powerless and replaced by a northerner! If that is not enough for any one to see through Buhari and his agender,I wonder what will. This is a president that talks about the “unity of Nigeria not being negotiable” yet he is the beggest implementer of nepotism and discrimination against other ethnic groups.

This government have laid a foundation that will not take Nigeria to a good future. The president have started a circle that will take Nigeria back to the dark ages,all the oppositions that his government is punishin unjustly, will wait for their opportunity to retaliate and that will not take the country forward. The short sighted Nigerians may not understand,but their ignorance will not change the reality that is already been ignited.

Why have the president not arrested the AREWA YOUTHS, why is he not condemned the Fulani herdsmen and why is his soldiers not in the bushes looking for fulani herdsmen. Why is his government not recognised the world 4th most muderious terrorist group but quick to proscribe a none violence and none arm bearing agitators as terrorists. If you are a Nigerian, these should worry you,it might not be your tribe today,but you might be next!

Now the NNPC minister has been sidelined becouse he is not from the North, he is not been able to see the president since August, but two days after the unveiling of the high level corruption by the President’s right hand man he was now able to see the president all of a sudden,which obviously will be an effort for damage limitation for a president who’s fight against corruption is said to be against his opposition and critics.

The Buhari president has used the fight against corruption to silence all opponents and used that to go after their finances to reduce their financial strength for the 2019 election.

Now it has been unveiled that corruption and nepotism has engulfed the government of Buhari. His hate for the south east is without doubt not to be compared with anything known by the people of the southeastern Nigeria.

This is only the beginning, those that are happy for the situation in the country today,for the simple reason that their ethnic groups are benefiting from the current biased government and continue giving their support to the ill treatment of others, they must remember that it will not be long before they will be in the same position. The Behaviour of some nigerians shows that there is no unity of purpose in the country.

If one ethnic group is rejoicing over the killings carried out by the government against another ethnic groups shading innocent bloods. The law of kama will not change on this occasion,it’s just a matter when but how soon. We will continue to follow the development on this matter to update our readers on all the twists and turns


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