Is Nigeria ruined under APC?

The corruption fighters seem to have short them selves on the foot,Who is fooling who?


These men understand that over 70 percent of the population lack the ability to understand what is going on and are not able to articulate words to describe the gravity and magnitude of corruption that is being exhibited by this government. Make no mistake, if you expect Nigerians to stand-up and be counted then brace yourself because they will not.

The Nigerian population have been for many years desensitised not to understand the direct impact of these loots to their future, their children’s future and the future of the country. This president that is using the fight against corruption to silence every opponent and any one that opposes his actions. Anyone outside of his party is corrupt and so is anyone that dares him to say the truth. Nigerians enjoyed freedom of speech during the past administration. But that freedom have been eroded by this government which operates autocratic system. He is making every effort to silence all oppossing voices and gullable Nigerians are claping for the president that is eroding their foundamental human rights.

What is playing out in the oil sector is the only reason the northern Nigerian politicians and other beneficiaries of these loots are singing the “unity of Nigeria is none negotiable”. Let it be made clear, the unity of Nigeria will become negotiable the day that oil becomes obsolete and the civilised country’s substitute oil for a new technology and that day is fast approaching based on how fast electric cars are evolving in Europe, America and other parts of the world that are progressive!

The Nigerian people are busy celebrating the killings of innocent civilians in the south east where the (IPOB group) dared to excersive their foundamental human rights,but little did they know that this government of Buhari is busy celebrating their loot on the NNPC. How can a president boycott the minister of state as it is in this case to sign a contract with his brother who is supposed to be under the minister,even while on sick bed. Baru was put there to side-line the minister in other to facilitate these loots and mismanagement. This is a case of the GMD, going to the president for approval of contracts side-lining the said minister which simply means that pause of the country have been put in the hand of GMD (Baru) and his brother Buhari which gives room for loots and no body to monitor their actions.

It must be said,that the only reason kachikwu is there, is for decoration that a southerner is there as minister for petroleum, because the oil is from the south south and southeast. It’s just to pretend that he has appointed a southerner in his government. Most Nigerians believe them when they say “unity” not knowing it’s with an intent to keep hold of the oil resources of the south. The oil is from the south but all those that are milking the oil are from the north including those making decisions of how it’s managed are also from the northern region too! So why will they not insist on unity which is the only way for them continue to milk the oil reach south.

Did it surprise anyone that as soon as the minister exposed the corruption that is transpired between the presdent and the GMD, they quickly came up with an allegation of corruption against the minister suspecting him of curropt practices. How could a government that is said to be fighting curroption not exposed any curroption allegation on a minister untill the minister exposed their curroption to the entire country.

Why do you think the northerners are opposed to restructuring / devolution of powers to the states? Restructuring and devolution of powers will put the management of these resources into the hands of people from the oil producing states, this means that the northerners will have no access to the oil,let alone controling it! This is the Nigeria that they are calling for, one that is controled by them and benefits the north and of course they will have to give something to those from the south west that gives them the vote to maintain these control on these resources.

These game is on and we would continue to give you the undiluted truth on this and more,so stay with us. We will give you another dimention to this matter on our next article

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