Buhari requested that the world bank shift their concentration to the northern Nigeria!

The president of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim,brought to light that President Muhammadu Buhari had advised the bank to direct its attention to the Northern region of the country.



He further explained the many issues they are confronted with in the process, in that part of the country, has made it difficult for the bank to carry out its mission.

This is however, a confirmation of what was already known about this president. On one hand he is calling for unity of the country, which actually is to allow the northerners to continue milking the south east and south south of its oil resources.

If this is not enough to confirm to Nigerians that he is got an agenda to render the south useless while the north is developing with resources from the south then I wonder what else will.

What are the south west saying about this new developments. Mr Femi Adesina tried to defend his boss against this revelation by trying to imply that the president has been misquoted.

He fell short of saying that it is their political opponents that is trying to use fake news against the president. But his defence had come too little to late.

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