Equity and fairness,the only antidote to end agitation.

How can unity be archived while marginalisation and nepotism has taken over government


They say to you that the unity of Nigeria is none negotiable, right? But have you ever wondered why the same people that say that to you are still the same people that want to be the only people in control of the resources of the country? Why are the same people that are preaching fake unity the same people that oppose restructuring and devolution of powers? How can you be talking about unity without equity and fairness?

If they are truly interested in the unity of the country why then have they declined the single equitable remedy that will unify the whole country? Their opposition to restructuring should be a warning to all right-thinking stakeholders of the project Nigeria that they have an ulterior motive for their call for unity?

How can unity be that the Hausas should be the ones in control of power, security and the resources of the country. Any time they are not in position to control these three positions they will threaten the unity of the country. But if they are in control then they start the call for unity without equity or fairness, how ridiculous is that?

Remember that Nigeria had no Boko haram during yaradua’s government, but after his death, GEJ insisted that he was going to contest and declined the pressure from the northern politicians to return power to them. What was their response, “we will make Nigeria ungovernable if you don’t return power to the north”? And before you could say jack Robinson boko haram was formed check these facts.

Why are they saying that every agitation should go through the National Assembly, it’s because they have created more states in the north than any other parts of the country, they have also created more local governments in the north which accords them more federal allocation and means they have more representatives in the National Assembly. These gives the north more votes and control in such a way that anything that is opposed by them cannot pass in the national assembly. Are you still sleeping? then you must wake up!

Some people are calling for restructuring as an antidote to the Biafra agitation. So, you could argue that it is the Biafra agitation that brought about the call for restructuring. However, what has happened to the call for restructuring now, it is dead and its back to business as usual in the Buhari’s governments agenda of nepotism on an unimaginable scale. Are you awake now? Or sleeping still?

Who will not be interested in the unity of Nigeria? But it must be a Nigeria that is fair to all and works for all. Not a Nigeria that works for the north and their supporters. There must be equity and justice before anyone can call for unity. Is not obvious that Buhari is corrupt, in view of the drama that is unfolding in the NNPC. He made his brother Baru the GMD and relegated Kachikwu the minister of state for petroleum to a mare furniture. The minister of state for petroleum whom he appointed in pretence. but has given ultimate powers to his brother while he retained the position of minister of petroleum and between them, they can both do whatever they like with the oil money and issue contracts that works for the northerners. If you still sleeping in the Buhari’s bubbles? Then you must wake up to the world of realty.

Nnamdi Kanu called for the unity of Nigeria at one point because he believed in it, but men of conscience cannot stand this level of marginalisation and cheating that is taking place in the country right now. So, he called for his people to leave, instead of being treated like second class citizens. Some people say why did Nnamdi Kanu not call for division during GEJ. Typical Nigerians suffering and smiling, but no one calls for separation if the country is moving forward. In the end the political elites and their children will have all they need and more, while the rest of you will remain hungry and fighting for the good of the politicians and their families.

When election time gets near, they (politicians) will start to share stupid money and give you rice so you all can sell your destiny and your children’s future to them for another 8 years! Are you still sleeping? Well you better wake up to reality, unless you maintain a sustained agitation for your freedom, you must know that your faith to be slaves and second-class citizens have been sealed. The Igbo politicians unfortunately are a bunch of selfish individuals whose political ambitions is put before the collective interests of the Igbo people. How can you side with a brutal dictator to kill your own people so that you could keep your positions and maintain your political ambitions?

Can an Igbo President do that in the north? The answer is no, have you not heard of the counter coup of 1966 when the north retaliated because of their people that were killed during the coup? Even though there were killings from all parts of the country because of that coup. But the Igbo politicians are not ashamed that their own people were slaughtered like animals by the military on the order of Buhari. Instead they are blaming it on PDP.

Yes, Nigeria can work for all but it can never be at the detriment of the Igbo’s or any other tribe for that matter. Restructuring and devolution of powers is the closest to having a Biafra state.

It will allow the Igbo’s and their neighbours to develop at their own pace and intelligence. They would not have to suffer the reductions in the quality of education standards to allow people from the north to catch up. The same applies to the southwest, they will develop at their own pace.

Anything other than devolution of power to the states and restructuring is not acceptable. My people, if restructuring can be implemented it’s a solid foundation for Biafra, because when you can control your own resources and develop at your own pace then your destiny is in your hands. But I am of the view that the north will continue to oppose restructuring until the demand for oil comes to an end. Those from the south south will be the biggest losers because their land and waters would have been polluted forever, which means that they will have no other means of livelihood. Then Igbo land and Yoruba land would be their only survival destination!

Finally, the domination of power by the north must end so that people can have a future in a fair country. The southwest must stop their support for the north for political positions and join the fight for equity and fairness to men, women and children of all ethnic groups.

The Hausas cannot continue their domination of Nigeria if the Yoruba’s choose equity over selfish gains. Because no one ethnic group can win election in Nigeria without the support from another. So, my Yoruba people the reason in my view Nnamdi Kanu is lamenting about the Yoruba’s with what appears to be strong words is because the Hausas keeps power to intimidate the Igbo’s because the Yoruba’s are in support of it for selfish interests and disregarding collective interests of all Nigerians and that is unacceptable!

To the Igbo’s, you all must use your votes to stop all the Igbo politicians that were involved in the killings of your people. You can end their political careers with your votes. Vote for a new set of people that can fight for you as a people and represent your interests.

I take the view that Buhari cannot move Nigeria forward and anyone like him will also not move Nigeria forward. He is full of hate and has an Islamic agenda up his sleeves and the Igbo’s, the only ethnicity in Nigeria that still maintains over 95% Christian faith, they have reasons to be worried about a president like Buhari with an Islamisation agenda!

Nigerians, if you must live together as one, it must be on fairness and equity, otherwise, it will only be a matter of time before the breakup happens and the end for oil demand might ignite that breakup unless the government is seen to be fighting for the interest of all.

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