Do we really have what it takes to overcome our greed for power?

Uganda,a democracy or a country under dictatorship!

Oh Uganda, may God uphold thee! The current state of the nation really requires echoes and loud voices to sing this out. A nation torn deeply by hatred and division among the social classes.

The rich in need of the current regime to reign in power while the poor so lambasted in poverty pray for change. The economy once greater than Malaysia’s and Singapore, shattered by the late Idi Amin when he expelled the Asians; was once on a treadmill to recovery and greatness only to be drained into a stagnant pool of depression by the gargantuan appetite of the few in command. The country run by a family and one man who declared himself as the only one with a vision. The quagmire state of the country where the current regime is threatening the free will of the people is putting democracy that we believe in the first place did not exist into a worse position.

What shall we tell tomorrow’s generation? Did we fail to activate the democracy decree and fight for what is right; or did we look on as the country was torn apart?

In the light of the current actions by the ruling party to demand amendment of the constitution article 102 (b) in the Legislature sighting age limits for a presidential candidate not worthy. It is under this strenuous act that many opposition members of the parliament moved to declare war on the Magyezi Bill.

Many opposition leaders in Africa are declared an enemy regarding to the ongoing despicable acts in the neighbouring states. Many opposition leaders like Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi have been thrown in jail for standing up against the said bill. These type of actions leaves citizens to wonder what lays ahead and whether Uganda is developing in the right direction? The hocus pocus surrounding the cry for power and holding onto it has left many dead.

 Shambolic as it may appear, the ruling power and their supporters are not relenting in their efforts to keep power to themselves. The people’s voices and their concern, is that the country has been bought a one-way ticket to the grave.

Grenades have now been launched at the opposition legislators’ houses. A far cry to them to keep their mouths shut.

Twenty-five legislators suspended out of parliament to pave way for the Boss to stay in power for eternity one wonders; hasn’t Uganda had a fair share of his regime? Why not give chance to another generation to showcase their leadership skills? The opposition in grumbling in anger but the fact is that it is a two-road highway. Years back, history takes us to that moment in Parliament where the late Noble Mayombo proposed a Bill to indict an age limit in the Constitution; the current Opposition Leader Colonel Kiiza Besigye was against this.

Did he predict the future or was it just a Cat and mice game? Fast forward to the current day, he is the same person against lifting the age limit amendment. Look in the mirror and ask yourself whose side are you on? A wise saying, history will judge the future; are we seeing history teach us something? Only greed of power is what drives the politicians today. A lot of promises have not yet been awarded a delivery note. The text message still hanging in balance as to who is the rightful recipient.

The current crop of youth vigilante are thoughtful; ready to stand for what is right. One dared to raise a placard in front of the leader of the nation; expressing his view and freedom of speech,only to be carried away in a flashlight to a police cell. The cheers and praises received jubilantly an antonym to the cries and worries of the oppressed. A musician turned politician after seeing the oppressed’ cries falling on a deaf ear with an aim of uniting the ‘ghetto’ to prosperity and betterment; not only faces hurdles but also the mighty hand of the oppressor crushing his neck. Forced to live among the poor in the ‘ghetto’ only to see the light of the day the next time the firmament turns azure.

The Police; an organ being misused by those in power who placed them in power to oppress the powerless to fulfil the needs of those with the power. A sight of an innocent woman selling her groceries by the roadside being bartered with a baton is quite shameful for these are the mothers of the entire nation; but to the police just another wrong doer in support of those against those that wield the spear and shield in the country.

Declared a pearl of Africa by the late Sir Winston Churchill, one ought to wonder as to the atrocities being committed by those who seat at the helm if the pearl is glittering with a shine or it has simply turned pale to a dullness even brushing it would not make it regain its beauty.

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