Uganda needs a young president?


Most Ugandans are aware of the meaning of TOGITWATAKO which has dominated most media outlets during these past weeks. However, if you live in Uganda and you do not know what TOGIKWATAKO means or what it represents today, you may have denied yourself an opportunity and as the saying goes, “where have you been hiding” to have missed such phenomenon? One important content of Hon Magyezi’s private members bill was to lower age limit and it appears that this important aspect of the bill have been over looked.

Lowering the age limit would give room for the young and aspiring young men and women of our country to contest for presidency.  it will also allow people below the age of 35 to stand for/contest for president. In a country with one of the youngest populations in the world, why are young people forbidden from standing for the highest office?

A youthful president brings to the table fresh ideas to solve age old problems. A young president, is often said to have an advantage in stamina and emotional energy to spare which is essential for the very demanding job of a president and in tackling problems that older generation wouldn’t otherwise ignore. Today, for example, Zelizer says that Obama is attempting to get beyond the decades-old debates of baby boomers on Vietnam, abortion, civil rights, and other issues as he is bent on ushering in a new era of activist government to tackle the long-term issues such as stimulating the economy and overhauling the healthcare system.

A young president brings youthful energy to office. I live on Entebbe road and most days; the gentleman’s motorcade passes by me at 11am daily. This is a gentleman or lady who can stand the long hours at the office. A clean bill of health, ask the Nigerians what their president is up to. Or Zambia’s expense on presidential state funerals.

A young president would connect better with the youth.

Since they have a long future ahead, a young president would do things that affect the future he will live in. One who has been to battle before is readier for the next battle. A president must have the leadership experience to navigate the maze that is in national leadership. Robert F Kennedy blundered in the Bay of Pigs invasion but came back on a high note in preventing a nuclear war in the Cuban missile crisis.

Way forward, maintain the rigorous checks

Inexperience should not be an excuse or a major factor, let the citizens use their votes against any candidates that they deem unfit for the job,as oppossed to an outright denial for a chance to stand. Elections provide us with choices and the electorates must be allowed to make these choices themselves.

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