Where is the leader of IPOB?

The IPOB court hearing!

The counsel representing the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra reiterated his concern over the disappearance of his client (NNAMDI KANU) from his resident after the military invaded his father’s compound on the 14th day of September 2017.

He made it clear that he has no doubt that the Nigerian military have his client dead or alive. He once again stated during an interview with the media that the military should produce his client in court if he is still alive or release his dead body if they have killed him.

He further accused the military of killing 28 persons and injuring many more on that faithful day of 14th September 2017, on an invasion that have been wildly regarded as illegal, heavy handed and irresponsible by the Nigerian military.

Not too long ago, it was alleged that the interior minister of the federation had allegedly quoted for making the following comments which was then circulated all over the media;

Could it be that the interior minister was speaking from inside information, suggesting that the current government of PMB had planned to kill the leader of IPOB? Could it then be that those rumours were true as quoted?

Nigerians are waiting for that news to filter through, both those that are against the IPOB leader that will be happy if that happens and those that believe that the country will come to a standstill if the inevitable happens. it might mean that people from this government might have to face ICC in The Hague for questioning. But at this point its still speculations upon speculations.Can Nigeria really afford yet another dictatorial killings after the Abacha dictatorship?

There is an unconfirmed news that the DSS has denied media access to the hearing. Now that should concern Nigerians both those that are for IPOB and those that are against. Because it appears that this present government is ruling Nigeria as a dictatorship as opposed the democracy that it is. This is however what happens when you elect old and backward people with gone ideas and mentality to lead a young country with outdated ideas.

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