Who is Jecob Zuma that Imo state should honour him?

Rochas Okorocha making caricature of Imo state!

Jacob Zuma’s image back in south Africa is nothing to talk about and shrouded in constant corruption and rape allegations. Mismanagement of public funds and more corrupt practices. Take a look at the how Zuma is treated in south Africa, his own country of origin, before we can come back to the Rochas Okorocha’s glorification of Zuma in Imo state which if in fact disgraceful. sit back cross your legs and watch this video before you continue reading.

Is it not insulting, to all Imo-lites, that the current administrator of Imo state, Rochas Okorocha has in this time of recession and economic hardship, decided to spend over five hundred million Naira (N500,000,000) to erect the statute of a man with no integrity.

Why do the Imo-lites need the statute of this troubled man in the state, as a symbol of what? 

Among all the issues in Imo state, the none payment of workers, pensioners not being paid for years and infrastructure shortfalls and the rest of it. The governor does not think it wise to fix these issues that is directly affecting the mases but he is more concerned to erect the statute of an alleged rapist with such huge amount state fund.

Okorocha is the current governor of Imo state, which happens to be my state and place of origin in the southeast of the project Nigeria.

The above-mentioned governor, among other things have taken madness to a whole new level by erecting the statute of one of the most corrupt leaders in the African continent and an alleged rapist. I could not believe the authenticity of the news trending on social media until wakeupafrica confirmed that the news was in fact true.

The questions that quickly came to mind were many, what is it about Zuma that is worth emulating by the people of Imo state. why spending N500,000,000 million to mount the statute of a man with no credibility in his own country. He is still answering allegations of corruption between him, his son and the Guptas, the Indian business family that he has been alleged to be favouring.

A man that is alleged to rape women, a man that is being accused of diverting government fund to renovation his personal property.

One may wonder what is going on between Rochas Okorocha and Jacob Zuma, the people of the state may not have the details but there must be something cooking underground that is shrouded in the said honour that Rochas is giving to Zuma. The truth will one day be unravelled, because as it is said birds of the same feather flock together!


Rochas okorocha is on his second and final term in office as a governor in the state. May I appeal to the entire indigenes of the state to stay clear of anything that he is associated with after his term in office. For the simple reason that he does not mean well for the state.

Jacob Zuma is not a man that Imo state should honour or emulate let alone spend such ridiculous amount on his image. I weep for my people who are already marginalised the federal government and to have one their own treat them in this way is very reprehensible.

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