Are we really all Gullible?

The Nigerian politicians, have for many years taken advantage of the naivity of over 70 pecent of the population to their advantage. Now the current administration is concerned that a few bold individuals are challanging that status quo.

Arm your selves with informations,so that you are able to make sense of what is going on

You invaded his house, killed 28 young people, you also took him away and you are asking the sureties to provide him in court, What a shamble!

The scene is set, the actors are ready and the film director screamed action;

This Nigerian government appear to be behaving like actor’s in the movies of old days, when we all believed that the actor will never die. However, the unfortunate thing is the government is playing all the roles in the said movie.

The one major concern as shown by a section of the Nigerian society who themselves are watching this movie, is the notion that all Nigerians are gullible, uneducated and lack reasoning. isn’t that an insult to the learned section of the country, for a government to assume that its citizens are so dumb, not able to read the wall, while watching these movies unfold.

Nigeria under the current government has degenerated beyond what words can describe, especially if you are watching this movies from other parts of the world. This days you are more ashamed to identify with Nigeria as a Nigerian than you would have been 10 years ago.

The Nigerian government unintelligently sent its military on the 12th of September 2017 to the resident of its citizen in a village of Abia state to provoke the youths of that village to anger without any consideration and sensitivity of the current climate of the country. The whole incident was captured on video which was being shown live on social media and watched by millions both in Nigeria and cross the world.

Day one 12/09/2017

Two days later the 14th day of the same month the military invaded the compound of the same individual, killed many and destroyed properties. Since the day of the invasion, the IPOB Leader (Nnamdi Kanu) have not been seen!

Day two 14/09/2017

How could a government be this careless in its activities in a country of many nationalities like Nigeria? while a case in the court of law, the government grew impatience, violated every existing due process by using the Nigerian army to invade the property of a private citizen and killing many including a dog.

The incriminating evidence against the Buhari government in this matter is much that it is indefensible. Any responsible government does not violate the rule of law disobey court order nor take law into its hands. But this government have done all the above, violated court order, killed extra judiciously and violated the law of the land.

If Nigeria is a democracy then justice must prevail PMB must be made to understand that Nigeria is not under a dictatorship,this is a democracy, otherwise, this government would have set a bad president for the country!

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