The igbo’s need a change of direction!

The upcoming Anambra election will be the decider to whether, the Igbo people, are now ready to change their position in Nigeria or they want to maintain the status quo!

It appears that the south-east politicians have adopted these method of remembering their people only during election period. Once they arrive elected, they are elected into office, they will forget about the people and retreat to the state house or go back to winning and dinning with those that have kept the entire southeast as a conquered part of Nigeria.

This Anambra election will be the decider for Igbo’s, it’s an opportunity to sound the trumpet not just to fellow Nigerians, but to the entire world. letting them know that you all have been marginalised enough for too long and that you now ready to change the course of your destiny for ever!

It is also worrying that musicians who are supposed to add their voice to cry for attention to be giving to needs of their fans, have been quiet. But some of them are happy to join force with politicians rather than those that patronise them!

These so-called governors and Legislooters from the south east are just a bunch of selfish folks whose aim is to further their political career at the expense of the Igbo nation.

Not too long ago, some of them joined the band wagon to shout for restructuring as a counter response made by the Leader of IPOB for these southeast politicians to be rendered useless. He made the most Igbo’s in Nigeria to understand that they have been short changed by their own politicians in conjunction with the Northerners that control the federal government of Nigeria.

Realising that they will soon be irrelevant in Igbo land, these politicians joined hand against the call for the Biafran state which gathered momentum beyond their wildest imagination. Instead of them using to momentum to demand the relevance and recognition of their people in the Nigeria project they joined the band wagon of war propaganda.

The Yoruba and Hausa politicians work for the interest of their individual ethnic groups to make them relevance in the project Nigeria, but the Igbo politicians of today joined because they want to own houses in Abuja and the rest of it. The Igbos needs people that can represent them and represent them well, whether in or out of Nigeria the collective interest of the Igbo race must be the primary objective of all its politicians. Unfortunately, these breed of politicians and representatives lack those required qualities and are not fit for purpose.

Every effort must be made to render all of them useless while the Igbo’s restructure itself for a better positioning in Nigeria, while waiting for a referendum or restructuring whichever comes first. Restructuring and devolution of power, the most important thing is that the Igbo people should chart their own destiny without hindrance of any sort and they should not have to be dictated to, by people that do not have their interests at hearth be it internal or external it should no longer be allowed because it has gone on for far too long!

You have the governor of Enugu state that asked his people to fast and pray after the Fulani herdsmen decimated communities under his watch. You have the governor of Anambra state unleashing the army on his people, to kill fellow Igbo’s on the streets of Igbo land. Rochas Okorocha in Imo state just brought idiocy to a whole new level by erecting the statute of a rapist and corrupt president of south Africa in Imo state among other things he has done in Imo state. On the other hand, you have the governor of Ebonyi state who sent soldiers to bully his people, even though no one was killed in that incident but no politician should treat his own people like that.

The Igbo’s should ask themselves these questions, what have these politicians done to benefit you as individual citizens of the states they govern. what have you directly benefited from their governance. Don’t mind the rice and money they give you during past election to buy four years of your destiny, are you going to sell another for years of your destiny to them.

Have they offered you the following;

  • Good healthcare
  • Good schools for you or your children
  • Good road infrastructures
  • Housing
  • Have they paid your salaries?
  • Have they promised you not to join hand with the military to kill you and your people when you disagree with them?

You must all be aware of what is going on in your place, do not listen to propaganda but follow reality it is your future and the future of your children. it is better to suffer one’s than to suffer for the rest of your life!

Let us know what you think about the upcoming election in Anambra state, are you for the election or against it. leave your comments below


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