The President buhari and the reason Nigeria is on reverse gear!

The Buhari that you may not know

I stumbled on this well documented evidence of President Buhari’s past. throw some light into the past of President Buhari. After watching this video, you will get a very good insight into what is happening in the country under president Buhari.

This is an eye-opening documentary, Nigerians really need to look back in history to make informed decisions about people they elect into public offices, more importantly, office of the president.


It is no surprises that Buhari lead government is being accused of nepotism and other allegations against the president as being president of the north. His body language, the constant inability to act when he is expected has undoubtedly raised concerns amongst well-intentioned Nigerians. It is no coincidence that Buhari treats his brothers from the north differently from the way he treats the south, especially those from the southeast.

it is also not surprising that Buhari’s government is concerned about the north more than any other part of the country. If those of the southwest watched this documentary before 2015 election, May be the outcome of that election would have been different, because being more informed about the background of the choices before you would affect your choice of candidate. Unfortunately, Nigeria is a country that does not function based on evidence or facts but hear say. However, it’s too late as it is even if you choose to change your mind as it is today. But this may help Nigerians for their choices in other future elections!

It is therefore not surprising, in view of these revelations, that though the whole world has proscribed the FULANI HERDSMEN as the 4th most dangerous terrorist group in the world. But the Buhari’s government says no, according to them “the herdsmen are mere criminals”. Buhari’s have not for once criticised the barbaric actions of this terrorist group, nor have he condemned the killings they are perpetuating around the country. Have you ever wondered why that is the case?

 Upon his return from his over three months of health tourism to London, among many issues the country was facing, the president ignored every one of them but gave a hurried 5 minutes national threat to IPOB and the entire south easterners. There was no mention of the threat by the AREWA group in the North by issuing a quit notice to the Igbos in the North and dared the Nigerian law enforcement Agency to try arresting them. He ignored or forgot to include the threat of Fulani herdsmen in his horrid speech.

As if that was not enough, the Buhari’s government have gone on to proscribe the Indigenous people of Biafra as terrorists. Unfortunately for him and his government, the world was not ready to buy into such hateful proscription of a none violent indigenous people for daring him. This means that the proscription is likely to be in place only for the duration of Buhari’s tenure. Nigerians have seen yet another case of discrimination with the unfolding events at the NNPC.

The minister of state for petroleum was side-lined by Buhari’s Hausa brother, which would not have been possible without Buhari’s consent and blessings. The minister was not allowed access to the president by the chief of staff of the president another Hausa man who himself is also a part of the corrupt practices in the NNPC as alleged. The list of nepotism and corrupt practices in the government of Buhari is unending mainly by his Hausa brothers and his inaction is a testament that he is aware of it all.

The Buhari’s presidency of two and half years has giving room for the level of hate and disharmony in the country, such that has never been witnessed before. when you consider the documented evidences as contained in the video above, you may conclude that the man Buhari is not supposed to be elected as president of a country like Nigeria. It is possible that he may be a good president, but only for the AREWA country and not for a country like Nigeria. Not a country of multi ethnic nationalities like Nigeria.

The drama is still unfolding, the theatre is the Nigeria geographical location and those in attendant are the diverse ethnic nationalities. The rest of the world are waiting for end of the drama to know how to respond. Let’s conclude by saying that Information is power as it is said, and the ability of Nigerians to make the right decision and choices is based on the type of information’s and facts that are available to them!

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