The lost generation of the Nigerian state

The youths are the future of every nation as is widely believed,but the youths in Nigeria, are doomed without knowing or are they lost to ignorance?

When your choice of a president, is not based on his/her level of Education, exposure, IQ, understanding of governance, respect to human rights, hunger for infrastructural development and the ability to solve complex challenges with diplomacy, then you are simply doomed. One simple reason I agree with Nnamdi Kanu for describing Nigeria as a zoo is this; Everybody is complaining of the bad state of the economy and the rest of it, but the people are not doing anything to change the status quo.

 If another election is called today, Nigerians will still find themselves in the same situation, because every historical evidence available has proven that Nigerians never learn from history.

They make so much noise and shout over their voices and they hardly make any points, at least the larger population of the country. My honest opinion is that Nigeria has no strategic plan. This means that 50 years from today the next generation will still be here debating the same issues that is been debated in the country today.

To really understand how bad Nigeria is, all you need to do is to leave Nigeria for just a week then look back from a distance and you will realise that indeed Nigeria is gone off like a soup. People that describe Nigeria as a zoo may be right after all.

Nigerians that have lived all their life in the country know no difference. To them, police brutality and intimidation, corruption, bribery, cheating and stealing government fund are all normal everyday life. You will have hard time to explain to these set of people that things should not be the way they know it, because they know no different since the day of their birth. I feel sad for them because their future is already doomed while they wallow in ignorance!

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