The Catalonia Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence by the Catalans would have been a terrorist act in Nigeria. Because the Catalonia process to this Declaration had all the hallmark of what the Nigerian former dictator leader refers to as being the characteristics of a terrorist group.

They had clashed with the police, they hoisted the flag of Catalonia and organised a referendum,they voted and declared independent. What more have they not done to meet the Nigerian government criteria of a terrorist group. Isn’t it Laughable!

Unfortunately under the Buhari’s administration the worlds fourth most deadly terrorist group is in their words a “criminal group, conducting criminal activities”While a civil law abiding group is proscribed as a terrorist group.

In the regressive expression of an average Nigerian, asking government for a referendum for the purpose of self determination is a in their undeveloped brains a call for war, what a completely out of touch general in Nigeria.

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