How short memory is destroying Project Nigeria

Nigerians are a set of people who’s recollections of events appears to be very short.

A country never moves itself forward, it’s the people that moves the country forward. Unfortunately, in Nigeria the Nigerians are mostly concerned about food and drinks that they cannot force the politicians to move their country forward.

The $25 billion dollar illegal contracts have died a natural death what are Nigerians doing? Nothing!

Fulani herdsmen killings still on going, what’s Buhari doing nothing, his dancing soldiers are allegedly allergic to the Fulani terrorists as such he is not sending them to confront the Fulani terrorist,hmmm what a country!

Court granted Nnamdi Kanu unconditional bail the Buhari’s government in disobedience to the courts order kept him until a time they were able to manipulate things in their Favour. What did Nigerians do?nothing they forget that it might their own court decision next!

Buhari asked the world bank to concentrate on the north only, showing his bias and ethnocentric nature. What did Nigerians do nothing!

What about the illegal appointments in the NNPC which Baru claimed was done with the blessings of the president even at a time that he was not the president, the Vice President was at the time legally and constitutionally the person to make such decisions. What did Nigerians do ?

The only time you see gullible Nigerians flexing their mouth mussels is when it’s about the igbo marginalisation Biafra and the IPOB. Are Nigerians really sick or uninformed?

What this generation of Nigerians have failed to understand is that any injustices done to One is an infringement to their own rights as well, because it might be them or their relatives next. Unless you are from the north otherwise you will face the same faith. This country Nigeria will never move forward until its current gullible citizens are educated enough to demand for fairness

The next generation of Nigeria will regret having the current generation before them!

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