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Who would you hire to run a multinational company?

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Who is Jecob Zuma that Imo state should honour him?

Rochas Okorocha making caricature of Imo state! Jacob Zuma’s image back in south Africa is nothing to talk about and shrouded in constant corruption and rape allegations. Mismanagement of public funds and more corrupt practices. Take a look at the how Zuma is treated in south Africa, his own country of origin, before we can come back to the Rochas

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Do we really have what it takes to overcome our greed for power?

Uganda,a democracy or a country under dictatorship! Oh Uganda, may God uphold thee! The current state of the nation really requires echoes and loud voices to sing this out. A nation torn deeply by hatred and division among the social classes. The rich in need of the current regime to reign in power while the poor so lambasted in poverty

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