What is going on in Nigerian politics?

Is this a spell or just naivity 


In 2015, the then opposition party APC zoned their presidential candidate to the north, with a south westerner as his Vice. Today in 2017, in preparation for the next general election, the only opposing political party in the country (PDP) have also zoned their 2019 presidential candidate to come from the north.

The region from which the VP will be from is yet unknown. What is wrong with Nigeria and Nigerians, when is this absurdity going to end. it is sickening to think that southerners are this naive in politics or that they have all been bribed to concede. One school of thought is that it must be the north first or there will be no peace in Nigeria or they will make Nigeria ungovernable as they did during the immediate past administration. whichever it is, Nigerians must have to stand up to say no to these trends and these set of politicians for their continued effort to run the country down.

Why must it be zoned to the north, why not have candidates from all ethnic background go through primaries to allow the most credible and qualified individuals run the affaires of the country. As opposed to having uneducated individuals lead the country to doom due to zoning. when shall the people of this country grow up to stand against these cabals of politicians ruining the country. They share money among themselves as a result they careless about the future generations and what happens to them.

Those of the northern part of the country must be made to understand that Nigeria is a union and all stake holders have equal rights if the union is to be maintained. You cannot have a country of multiple nationalities being governed by one clan or ethnic group, not even because of their known exploit in education but because they will become violence if they are not allowed to rule by force. The south-western politicians have consistently been the facilitators of this barbarism for very many years and it is high time they stopped. Nigeria should be governed by well-educated individuals and no privileges should be giving to the north as it has been for sometimes for no apparent reasons.

These politicians can amongst themselves choose what they want to do to feel their bank accounts. But the electorates must come together to reject this continued method of holding the country hostage. No man or woman should be allowed to be president if his not proven to be a graduate before the end of the primaries in the country. Today you have a president that could not provide his secondary school certificate as the president fighting corruption! yet his government have so far been plagued with multiple corruption allegations for which he has done nothing to prove to Nigerians that he is indeed fighting corruption with his team of corrupt ministers.

Some Nigerians especially those of the north and south west have come to his defence on social media making the argument for him that he is not corrupt, but those around him in his government are. This is the reason Nigeria does not stand a chance to succeed, the general population lack knowledge of what governance is bout. In the west or civilised countries, the leaders are blamed for the incompetence of those they employed, whilst in Nigeria the president is said to be good but those around him bad, therefore the president has no case to answer.

One can only feel sorry for what is happening in the country with its citizens having little or no idea of how their future is already destroyed. These politicians can be stopped in their tracks, but only if Nigerians could be properly educated on matters of governance, leaderships and responsibility of those in authority. until they understand that the decisions they make today about who they elect and those that govern them not only determines the direction of their lives but those of their future generations.

To be continued…………

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