The Nigerian passport and what is worth!

Is the Nigerian passport really worth the stress?


As a Nigerian, if you have not had reasons to need a Nigerian passport, then you may not understand the stress that you have saved yourself. Those Nigerians in diaspora will understand the frustration and the stress of applying for a Nigerian passport more than those living in Nigeria. Nigerians living in diaspora have been subjected to all manner of humiliation just to apply and obtain Nigerian passport. For many in diaspora, the Nigerian passport is useless unless they have reason to visit Nigeria. No one is happy carrying the Nigerian passport if they have a choice.

The only and one reason that most Nigerians in diaspora need the Nigerian passport is usually to visit their relatives and friends in Nigeria. Aside the giving reasons, the said passport is not useful for any other purposes. In fact, being in possession of a Nigerian passport is an indictment and a hindrance to the holder in most civilised countries. You are scrutinised and treated like a suspect until proven otherwise. While some have completely given up and denounced their Nigerian identities to save the embarrassments that is associated with having one, some have resorted to applying for a visa to visit Nigeria just to avoid all the stresses that is associated with the process of applying for one. Whichever category you fall into you will still be affected by the single denominator which the Nigerian “FACTOR”!

The Nigerian FACTOR can mean different things to different people, but overall, it’s not something that is worth celebrating. Nigerian visa, is probably the most expensive visa that anyone can ever pay for. However, that still will not immune you from the Nigeria factor experience, you also still must deal with the same people in the embassy that were never trained neither to communicate well to people nor for customer service delivery. Either way, you are bound to feel the pain regardless of which option you choose.


American passport

An American passport grants its holder access to nearly every country in the world. In 2012, U.S. citizens and nationals could travel to 166 countries visa-free or with visa on arrival, including most countries in Europe and South America.

At the time of this article, we were not able to get adequate information on how applications for the American Passport is made. However, it could be reasonable to suggest that it will be a process similar with that of the British.

British passport

Along with citizens of Finland and Sweden, holders of UK passports are able to visit 173 of the world’s nations without applying for a visa. The annual 2013 Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index ranks countries according to the number of nations their citizens can access with just a passport. (2 Oct 2013)

To apply for a British passport, all you need is an application to fill and a couple passport size photos £65 and in two weeks your 10 years passport is sent to you by post to your house address. To apply for a Nigeria passport, which off course takes you to none of the country’s that you may have reasons to visit, you will be subjected to a system that was designed to suffer you and aid corruption. After filling in the online application and the rest of the 17th century processes.

You will then have to take a day off work to travel to the location of the said embassy spend the whole day waiting for nothing, having to deal with the embassy staff members whom as usual is expected to bring the lack of customer service training fresh from Nigerian, the hostile and I don’t care attitude too.

After this stage you are then required to take another day off work to come to the embassy for the collection of the same passport which in most cases you must be turned away because they either did not inform you that your passport wasn’t ready. They have not updated update the information on their website or that they sent emails on error. All these are what you must put yourself through to get a passport that is not worth more than the paper that it’s printed on.

You are required to come for biometrics each time you apply to renew your Passport. One would have thought that the essence of biometric is to allow the government or institutions to store individual data’s, which will in-turn be used repeatedly to reduce the amount of work required in the future and for security purposes. But in the Nigerian case, no one seems to understand what they do with the data’s they collect. Do they just delete after collation or they just simply daft not knowing what to do with collated databases?

Progressive systems are never emulated by Nigerian government and their government institutions and this is done deliberately to give room for corruption and extortion of citizens. While the current Buhari’s lead APC propaganda government is busy fooling those that wish to be fooled in the country. The reality remains that a government that is not able to solve elementary problems as little as providing its citizens with international passport should not be stop propagating that it’s making progress, because it’s not.

The inability of the government through its embassies to provide millions of its citizens with common international passport is laughable. What you hear from this government since it came to be is corruption this and corruption that. Yet this is a government that is full of corrupt practices and the most corrupt politicians in the country. A government that has propagated hate, discrimination, hate and nepotism to mention but a few.

For those that Continue to support this government, could they please have a rethink and stop the propaganda and check the facts. What are the achievements? If something as little as international passport cannot be provided. What does it cost to order for the raw-materials so that this disgraceful issue of passport could be resolved? How long more will this issue linger and how much longer would Nigerians in diaspora be put through this predicament. The price Nigerians as individuals pay per capita for the level of corruption in the country is immeasurable. This government that is full of lies, corruption and propaganda has got to be stopped.

The PDP is not better either, but Nigerians must decide their faith amongst themselves otherwise, if they continue to support evil governments regardless of who is suffering, then their own future and that of their children will continue to suffer because these politicians including the acclaimed Mr innocent PMB, have stolen enough for themselves and their families to survive for 200 years.

President Buhari, could you end this passport shortages now. All the money you and your EFCC propagate to have recovered from the alleged looters of the past government should at least be invested into providing Nigerians with international passport. This is an international disgrace!

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