The south east politicians,selling the interest of the igbos for self gain!

The Anambra Election,will you be voting?


The Igbo people since after the Biafra civil war have suffered an immeasurable set back in so many fronts. They are known for their very industrious and progressive nature. Before the civil war the Igbos were allegedly ahead of any other ethnic group in all ramifications of progress within the Nigeria project.

The said qualities have been a double edged sword for the igbos because of this advantage other ethnic groups were also concerned and felt threatened by it. Amudu Bello a Hausa Fulani leader, was the first to make this concern public and to reveal how threatened they felt about the progressive ability of the Igbos. In one of his famous interviews with a BBC journalist, Amudu Bello described the Igbos as a people that will seek to emerge as leaders even if you put them in a labour camp. As such the Hausas have been obsessed about the said ability of the Igbos and have continued to feel threatened by the Igbos till date.

Watch Amudu Bello’s opinion about the Igbo’s!

After the civil war the Igbo’s lost everything they owned across Nigeria and they had to start afresh to rebuild their life’s.  The civil war devastated the south-east region, all infrastructure was destroyed by the heavy bombardment of the area, and successive governments have failed to re-integrate and regenerate the area. These are also part of the concern of the marginalisation of the Igbos as alleged by those agitating for the state of Biafra. There is no doubt that there are some deliberate efforts to keep the Igbos away from the central control of power in Nigeria and to deprive them of the federal development which is partly the reason for the agitation for a separate state!

This is the reason that Biafra have been re-ignited 50 years after the first civil war. The Igbos feel marginalised and ignored by the government in the centre. There has not been any other ethnic group in the country that have had the same experience as the Igbo’s. As one of three major ethnic groups the Igbos as a people have come along way, even after all they had in the bank was allegedly pilfered by Awolowo, they all had to start afresh with a flat rate of £20. Even at that, they have thrived beyond any other ethnic groups in the country in the balance of individual citizens achievement and lots more. However, they have suffered shortage of federal presence and federal infrastructure investment in the region. Even the state executives (governors) within the region have also short changed their own people in many areas.

A documentary evidence to support the claim that the igbos were more progresive than all other ethnic groups in the Nigerian project!

The political class within the south-eastern region of today are the most selfish of them all in the country. It does not bother them how much of their people are killed for as long as they remained in power and maintain office. However, in the few months leading to September of 2017, they came to the realisation that the people of the region no longer have faith in them and Nigeria in general. The advent of IPOB and their Leader made life very unconfutable for them and business was no longer as usual. The mases become aware and sensitised about what was going on around them that they made a choice to get read of them all by abstaining from the election or vote in the entire region until the Federal government gave them a date for a referendum. As the momentum continued to build and the proposed election date approaching they had to find a way to silence and stop the IPOB movement before they all become irrelevant in that region.

The all felt threatened by the emergence of IPOB. They made every effort to get him out of the way before their re-election date arrived. It was very clear to them that the population was now aware of what was happening to them and they were no longer going to be fooled by these few dubious politicians anymore. because of how frightened they were, they made sure that IPOB was publicly silenced and taken out of the way, so their elections can hold. Nonetheless, what was more worrying was how during this time they allegedly supported the killings of so many by the Nigerian army just to quash IPOB and stop its advances.

The number of killings during this period leading to the date the military eventually invaded the resident of the Leader of IPOB which lead to his disappearance was just too much and unimaginable. How could they allow the Nigerian state to humiliation of their own people for political gains? The type of barbaric killings and shooting by law enforcement agents in the region was uncalled for and heavy handed and have never been witnessed in the history of the country. They were the first to proscribe IPOB before the Federal government followed suit, which would some argue had been an arranged agreement between the two parties. They wanted the people to drop their quest for separation and offered them restructuring as an alternative. Today, no one is talking about restructuring nor the interest of the Igbo’s in the Nigerian project.

Today, they are talking about being re-elected into the same office that they have used to order for the killings of sons and daughters of the inhabitants of Igbo land. These same politicians took the initiative to suggest that The Indigenous people should be proscribed as terrorist, just so that they could preserve their selfish political career over the future of a people.

It is indeed hard to imagine that any right-thinking person would allow these set of politicians to continue governance in the entire Igboland. Any one soliciting for support for these politicians should have a re-think as to what they are really doing to the future of themselves and their future generations. it is better to suffer for a decade for a real change than to suffer a life time and still with no chance of a better life. The Igbo people that feel disenfranchised have the right to civil disobedience of their choice. if they choose not to vote in a none violence way to make a statement then so be it.

The killings of Igbo’s under these state governors and the central government for exercising their civil rights have never been recorded before in the history of the Nigeria since amalgamation. How could they sell their people for political positions and turn around to ask for their votes? They are now going around market places pretending to care about the interest of the people that a few months ago they had sanctioned to be killed. But make no mistakes, its only for them to get another 4 years to unleashing mayhem on the people and to silence those that are speaking out against them as well as those creating awareness to enlighten the people of the reality on ground. The people of Anambra should take their lead from what happened in imo state with Rocha’s okorocha, after he was elected for a second term. What the Igbo’s needs, are people like Fayose, that can stand up to the Hausa lead federal government. Their people are marginalised and suffering, they must be treated with respect in Nigeria and the constant shading of Igbo. If you elect these people today for years from today you will still be worse than when you started.

The upcoming Anambra election is an opportunity for those agitating for the state of Biafra to show that they have not relented in their efforts and that the support they enjoyed is still as strong as ever. The level of support they have is to be tested with this 18th of November 2017 election.

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The questions that every igbo man more especially Anambarians must ask them selves during this up coming election are as follows;

  1. Who am i voting for and why
  2. What have they done to change my life since they have been in the office or out of it
  3. Why do i need to vote
  4. Would my voting make any difference to my life or change the status quo or would it still be business as usual
  5. Would these politicians be any different from what they have been
  6. who among them genuinly have the interest of the people at heart

we would like to hear from you,tell us what you think about this up coming election and what you think the igbo’s should do with the elections in the south east in their quest to  redress the alledged injustice against them by the Nigerian fedreal government.

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