Where is ohanaeze ndi igbo and the restructuring of Nigeria they promised ?



Novermber 18th 2017,what will you do?

What about the restructuring that you all offered as an alternative to Biafra agitation!

Are these men to be trusted with the future of ndi Igbo?

Restructuring was promised to the Igbos as an alternative to their agitation to secede from the Nigeria Project. Nnamdi Kanu the indigenous people of Biafra leader, had started the mobilisation of ndi Igbo towards secession from Nigeria, because Nigeria for over 50 years have not benefited ndi Igbo and is no longer a viable option for the future of the indigenous population of Igboland as stated by the IPOB leader. The momentum grew by day and the people became more aware and sensitised on the marginalisation of ndi Igbo in Nigeria.

As this movement grew the political entities became very apprehensive because their positions and authorities were being threatened. It was clear that the Igbo political elites were prosperous at the expense of ndi Igbo and the future of Igbo people in general. These politicians tried in many occasions to do the normal take money and shut up strategy on the IPOB Leader. But to their consternation, the young man meant business as he showed no interest in their bribery on offer, neither was he willing to compromise his quest for the breakaway of ndi Igbo from the “contraption called Nigeria”. His unwavering position rattled the entire political elites both in Igboland and Nigeria at large.

It was clear that this young man was a different breed from what they are used to. Because most Nigerians would take bribery money and shut up, but this guy says no to it and even staked his life for the cause of the restoration of Biafra. Because the bribery did not work, they decided to try something different. Having seen his resilience determination and that he is also highly intelligent. They started talking about restructuring Nigeria and devolution of powers to regions as an alternative and that card was put on the table! It looked a viable option as devolution of power will put the destiny of the Igbo back into their own hands which will allow them to develop at their own pace and not to be held back by the north.

 In one of their meetings with professor nwabueze in attendance. The IPOB LEADER agreed that he will negotiate with the leadership of IPOB only when there is a significant progress in the restructuring process but until this is done that he will continue the Biafra agitation, because he has lost all trust and confidence that Nigeria will keep any agreement and he cited Abori Agreement and the national confab out come as his reasons!

The Ohanaeze ndi Igbo also weighed in, but had nothing tangible to offer as an alternative or a solution to plight of the Igbo’s in Nigeria. In a desperate effort to save their political careers, the governors of the south-eastern region decided to align with the Buhari’s administration to get rid of the IPOB LEADER. Subsequently, on the 14th of September 2017, the Nigerian army finally invaded the home of the IPOB LEADER killing everything that moved, to imagine the level of wickedness and brutality that was exhibited by the Nigerian army, they also killed the family dog in the process.

Since after this invasion of the young man’s compound (IPOB LEADER) he has not been sighted since then. The Nigerian government and the military have since denied knowledge of his way about. Since after this perceived silenced by the IPOB LEADER, the talk about restructuring have also died and no one is talking about restructuring in Nigeria anymore, not even the mediocre media outlets in Nigeria. What does this mean to ndi Igbo and their future in Nigeria. The Igbo politicians are after their own bank accounts. They do not have the genuine interest of ndi Igbo at heart. This is what they wanted Nnamdi Kanu to drop the agitation for, absolutely nothing to show, how could you trust these people with the future and the collective interests of ndi in Nigeria?

Why are they no longer talking about restructuring, why are they not holding the government of Buhari accountable for lack of federal investment in the south-east region. What are the things that they are doing currently to the interest of the ndi Igbo as an alternative to secession? Trust them if the agitation gathers momentum again then they will come up with another fake promise to counter the argument. But the truth is there for all to see, that these guys care only about themselves. Compare that with what is happening in Catalonia. It is their politicians that are leading the way and the people are backing them up with strike actions and civil disobedience. Making it clear to the central government in Madrid that they want their freedom from Spain. If the people of Catalonia chooses not to work for the Madrid government then the government is useless in Catalonia! A small price to pay for your freedom.

Why vote for people that lied to you, men and women if no integrity. People that have no interest in the collective progress of ndi Igbo nation, but themselves? You can end their political careers at this point by making a point instead of another four years of continued slavery and perpetual suffering with no end in sight. If you need to be treated well in Nigeria you must do the needful now, take a stand for yourself and the generations after you!

The ball is on your court!

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